Rainy May Over Chavez Ravine

This past Thursday a rare occurrence happened for both Dodger Stadium and as of late the southland as a heavy rainstorm would come our way, causing a delay of approximately 90 minutes. Here are a couple of Sights and sounds of Thursday’s rare rain delay from the Left Field Pavillion, with more to come later as I will bring you 4 Days of May to Drei’s SUN-DAY, FUN-DREI, which I will give you a recap of 4 straight baseball days for me from Chavez Ravine to Blair Field, with some perspective on lawn care, from of all places, the StubHub Center.

In this first clip, we see the grounds crew bringing out the tarp to cover the infield. For hardly ever using it, I would say that they did a fine job. Of course, we wouldn’t be the expert witness either when it comes to viewing tarp roller preparation…

Here’s another rare sight, rain flowing from the roof of the LF Pavillion into the plaza, as seen on my Instagram @good_drei


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