Dodgers Turn to a Horse For Offensive Help

As many of you know by now, earlier today The Blue we’re not only swept up north by the hated ones, but not a single run scored during the entire 3 games. After such a fast offensive start, The Blue is going through a stretch of offensive ineptitude that goes back to Saturday’s contest with the Colorado Rockies. During that stretch of 45 innings, only 2 runs have crossed the plate. The pitching has done a respectable job in that stretch, allowing 17 runs, equating to a 3.40 ERA during that stretch. 

Baseball can be such a maddening game. One night, your dishing out 21 hits and scoring 11 runs, and then of course, you come back and you cant hit a lick. It happens. Even against our rivals. This is not the first time in the history of baseball a team has gone 30 plus innings without crossing the dish. This dubious achievement also happened to The Blue in June of 2012 against the Giants as well, and also during the 1966 World Series, as the Dodgers we’re not only swept by the Baltimore Orioles, they would not score a single run the final 33 innings of the series.

Hey Mr. Ed !!!

It’s funny how life can imitate art. Or something along those lines… In this classic Mr. Ed episode from 1963, titled ” Leo Durocher Meets Mr. Ed “, that lovable talking horse, Mr. Ed, call’s Dodger coach Leo Durocher during the 2nd game of a doubleheader against the Giants at Candlestick Park to give him some offensive batting tips after the Dodgers struggle to lose the first game ( Sound familiar folks ? ). Mr. Ed and his trainer Wilbur Post would then be invited to Dodger Stadium to give more tips. How does this turn out ? A young Sandy Koufax, along with Moose Skowron, Willy Davis and Johnny Roseboro would also guest star, as well as another familiar voice that still keeps us entertained today. Some guy named Vin…


Alan Young, Mr. Ed and Sandy Koufax. Dodger players and Hollywood often frequented each other…


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