Outside The Yard… We’re All One

Friday’s announcement of the Supreme Court declaring same-sex marriages legal in all 50 states has been a hot-topic issue throughout the weekend. Last weekend the Dodgers hosted their annual LGBT night, one of many theme nights that has been hosted by not only by the Dodgers but other MLB teams as well, including the Padres, Mariners and Giants.

Of course not everyone agrees with the decision of SCOTUS, Even those in the sports world have expressed their views, mostly positive. And as said, not everyone agrees with the decision either, most notably Minnesota Vikings CB Josh Robinson.  

I bring this up because I’ve heard fans ask, what does this have to do with baseball ? What does this have to do with the Dodgers ? I’ve even heard and read on the FB pages of fans no longer being Dodger fans because they choose to have a celebration of LGBT. It’s not just Dodgers fans either as even the Giants have had fans jump off their bandwagon simply because of their support of not only Friday’s SCOTUS decision but also their long standing support of the LGBT community. 

Well, to all you who have jumped ship and switched allegiances, the rest of us and their teams won’t miss you. As for the hate on the Giants, we all hate on them for obvious reasons. Their longstanding support for the LGBT community is not a valid reason. 

Also, for those who ask why not have a ( Insert Theme Name ) Night, well, for those of you who don’t know of this thing on the internet known as, GOOGLE, let me help you out. Just scroll up to the first paragraph of this post and click on theme nights and you’ll see the Dodgers, as well as the teams I even provided links to just to use as an example, have nights that celebrate various communities and causes. There’s even Social Media Night as well for the many of you who so choose to channel your feelings and emotions through your SM accounts. Maybe some of you will be brave enough to express your views among each other come August 28th.

 So for those of you who chose to single out the LGBT community, you have no more excuses. I recently went to Filipino Night and had a great time. Again, Filipino Night is just one of many theme nights our Boys In Blue provide for us throughout the season. You may not agree with the way they express themselves, but they are part of the community. If they choose to spend a lovely evening at a Dodger game, they have every right just like the rest of us. My only request, no Orange and Black colors ( OK, I may be stretching it…) No matter what… WE’RE ALL ONE… WE’RE ALL DODGER FANS !!!

DODGERS_ FIL NIGHT SHIRT This years Filipino NIght shirt

DODGERS_PRIDE We’re all one… We’re all Dodger Fans !!!

9th Inning… One Love


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