All Star Mouse Hunting From the O.C to L.A., Part 1, The NL East

With the All-Star break just around the corner comes all the hoopla that surrounds this Mid-Summer Night classic. Each year, the host city spreads out baseball-themed statues for fans to search, be it a parade of statues in New York City that also featured scattered Big Apples to All-Star boots Deep In The Heart of Texas. The themed statues we’re usually bought by the MLB clubs after the All-Star game and put on display in their respective yards…

brooklyn One of the Big Apples from the 2013 All-Star game hosted by the Mets, paying homage to the Dodgers days in Brooklyn

DODGERS_APPLE Next to the 2 World Champions titles won as a kid and a high school freshman…THIS IS OUR YEAR !!!! ( BEEN SAYING THAT FOR, WHAT, THE LAST 27 YEARS ? )

MARLZ_BIGAPPLE Kid Marly Marlz taking a BITE out of that BIG APPLE ( ‘Sup Kid ? It’s been awhile since Kid N Drei have had any material for our readers… Kid N Drei will be out of hiatus eventually…)

This years theme in Cincinatti will be feature over-sized mustaches that will of course be scattered throughout the Queen City…


5 years ago, when the Angels hosted the All-Star game, Mickey Mouse themed statues we’re spread throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and all the way to Rancho Cucamonga. MLB conducted a scavenger hunt contest for those crazy enough ( Including yours truly ) to want to go through such effort to snap a selfie of yourself next to all 36 of these baseball themed Mickeys. It was a grueling and time consuming experience, but I did manage to pull off the feat, While it may have been grueling, it was a fun experience and if I had the Samsung Galaxy then, it certainly would have been a lot easier to pull off. Regardless, I had a great time doing the scavenger hunt and met a lot of nice people along the way, from well-wishers offering to take my pic to business owners and employees already knowing I was doing the scavenger hunt ( I had one person tell me that he knew I wasn’t a tourist because I was dressed in my Dodger garb and wasn’t getting all giddy next to The Mouse…LOL )

Today I feature the NL East themed Mickeys, 5 of the 36 during what I called at the time, my ” Hidden Mickey ” search…

MICKEY_BRAVES MICKEY_MARLINS The Braves and Marlins Mickey’s we’re captured at Downtown Disney, with the Marlins statue placed outside the ESPN Zone, the only one left standing now ( Barely…)

MICKEY_METS With the Mets Mickey next to the carousel over at Irvine Spectrum…

METS_NATIONALS  Nationals Mickey, Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga, just down the road from the home of the Rancho Cucamunga Quakes…

METS_PHILLIES Hollywood and Highland, letting the Phillies Mickey who’s town this is…

So those are just 5 of the baseball Mickey themed statues I snapped a photo/selfie with, from Hollywood to the House of Mouse all the way to Rancho. 

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