Drei’s Sunday Tale… A Visit From The Phanatic


Phanatic_DodgerStadium With the Phillies in town this past week, the “infamous” Phillie Phanatic decided to pay a trip inside the hallowed halls of Chavez Ravine. The way the Phillies are playing these days, I can’t blame the Phanatic for making the trek out west…Our beloved Dodger Dog was oh-so-happy to see big green creature… Hey, perhaps the two could work together and come up with some specialty dog ?

phillydog  Hey, a Philly Cheesesteak Dog !!!

PHILLY DOG This is more like it !!! A bigger pile of that Philly Cheesesteak wit Whiz and Onions on top of that Super Dodger Dog. The Phanatic has had such a long season he needs more than one of those Shock Tops… Between the Phanatic’s Philly Dog and The Mariner Moose’s Pike Dog, a Brooklyn Dog with cream cheese and caramelized onions…

Pike Dog Drei give’s a decided edge to the Philly Dog. Yeah, both dogs had cheese and onions, but the Philly Dog just has that Big Man appeal, while the Pike Dog…meh. That could explain why the Phanatic has a bigger waistline than the Mariner Moose. Hey Moose, don’t feel so bad ? I hear there’s a nice little  coffee shop on 1st and Pike…

Monday Night… 7/6/2015

The first of 4 games with the Phillies, with The Blue Crew coming out on top 10-7, at four hours and 13 minutes long would fall 3 minutes shy of the longest nine-inning game in the majors this season.  The game would also fall 5 minutes shy of the longest nine-inning home game in Dodger history. As for the Phillies, it would be their longest nine-inning game in team history.  7 pitchers would be used by the Blue Crew in this back and forth affair, and with the game tied at 7 in the home 7th, The Blue would finally pull away thanks in part to this clutch hit by former Phillie Jimmy Rollins…

Phanatic_Mon Nite The Phanatic not ” Pheeling ” so good thanks in part to his old pal Jimmy Rollins…

Thursday Night… 7/9/2015

With Zack Greinke taking the hill on this night, this game would be anything but a slugfest. Well, at least on the part of those from wearing the red caps….

Phanatic_Papplebon The Phanatic checking out Phillies closer Jonathan Paplebon. The Phil’s bats would be silenced with Greinke throwing 8 shutout innings. That wouldn’t stop The Phanatic from taking part in our 7th inning stretch, however, the Dodger Dog will not be overshadowed…

The Dodger Dog would more than enjoy The Phanatic’s visit to The Ravine, even if good ol’ Tommy feels otherwise…

phanatic_poor phanatic Poor Phanatic. He’s been going through some really tough times as of late. Even his GM Ruben Amauro Jr. won’t let him out of his contract… ” Now I know how my feathered buddy in Pittsburgh felt. I just hope I don’t go through this for 21 straight seasons… ”

Finishing the 1st Half With a Bang…

A-GON coming through in the clutch. With that bang in the home 8th giving the Dodgers a 4-3 lead and eventual win, the Dodgers head to the break 4.5 games up on the Giants. Gonzalez is one of five Dodgers heading to Cincy for the All-Star break, along with, deservedly, Kid K.  Later this week, Drei looks back on the 1st half . Oh yeah, speaking of heading to Cincy, should you be heading toward the Queen City for the Mid-Summer Classic or for your future ballpark excursions, check our review of Great America Ballpark at Stadium Journey, your source for worldwide stadium reviews and experiences

Extra Innings

DREI_PHANATIC Hey Phanatic, how ’bout sending us Cole Hamels ? Oh, and behind The Dog and Phanatic, as Vin would say… ” Just look at that doll… Not a care in the world… ”


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