On This Day, August 22, 1965 , Marichal vs. Roseboro

Whenever the Dodgers and Giants meet, tensions are always at it’s highest, especially when both are in the midst of a pennant race as they are now. 50 years ago today, on August 22, 1965, with both teams battling for a NL Crown, one of baseball’s ugliest moments occurred at Candlestick Park between Dodgers catcher Johnny Roseboro and Giants pitcher Juan Marichal…

A Good Drei With Kid N Drei

roseboro_marichal The most famous on-field fight in baseball history took place between Dodgers catcher John Roseboro and Giants pitcher Juan Marichal. Juan Marichal would be suspended by NL President Warren Giles for 8 games, the equivalent of 2 starts. L.A. Times columnist Jim Murray writes ” Let a common citizen whack someone over the head with a bat and see what he gets…” . Maury Wills would call Giles a SOB. Though Marichal would only miss two starts, the two starts missed may have been crucial because the Dodgers would win the pennant by one game over, The Giants. Here is a recollection of that day’s events from Juan Marichal, who years later would become good friends with John Roseboro. It’s also been said that Roseboro played an integral part in Marichal’s induction to the Hall of Fame.


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