Keeping SoCal Blue…Magic Number Countdown…19

From the 6-1-9…PETCO PARK

KID N DREI_ PETCO ON LABOR DAY We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack !!!! Ah, make that…HE’S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK !!! It’s been a while but Kid Marley Malrz is back joining DodgerDrei at the park and on the road !!! It’s been a while, Kid ! ( OK, only 3 months, but still… ) KID N DREI is back !!! Turning PETCO and the 619 Blue, after yesterday’s 5-1 victory over the Padres, taking 3 of 4 in San Diego. The Dodgers have now won 11 of 13 and are a season high 20 games over the .500 mark. The Blue travels up the road up I-5 for a 3 game series against the Angels, with Zack Greinke to take the hill for the Blue in search for his 15th win. The Dodgers have taken 6 straight against the Halos going back to last season, the longest winning streak in the series…

From the 7-1-4… Angel Stadium

Dodgers_Blue Angel Time to turn the O.C…BLUE !!!

Drei’s Ballpark Tale…Play Time… With Kid N Drei

I did say that Kid N Drei is back. Well, every now and then, Kid N Drei, as some of you may know, tend to forget that they’re all grown up. Heck, who say’s you can never be a… KID AT HEART…

KID N DREI_BUBBLES 1 Hey Drei, this is a really cool playground they got here in Diego…

KID N DREI_BUBBLES 2 Hey Kid, I bet I can wave more bubbles than you !!! BUBBLES !!! Hey Drei ! It’d be cool if the Dodgers brought back the Bubble Machine for the rest of the season, you know, the stretch drive… Hey MLB… KID N DREI Want Their Bubbles Back !!!

On This Labor Day…

PETCO Park_Marines Honoring those who serve not only on Labor Day but throughout all 365…

Magic Number Countdown…19…Jim Gilliam

Re-blogged from last year, on this exact day, ironically enough. If this pattern holds to form, we should have the NL West clinched by the 24th…

A Good Drei With Kid N Drei

image Jim Gilliam would play for the Dodgers in both Brooklyn, 1953-57, and Los Angeles from 1958-1966. He was a 2 time all-star, in 1956 and 1959, was named NL Rookie of the Year in 1953 and would play in 4 World Champion Dodger teams in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, in 1955 during Brooklyn’s lone championship, and in 1959, 1963 and 1965. He would be named player-coach in 1964 then serve as full time coach in 1967 until his death one day prior to the 1978 World Series and ni ne days prior to his 50th birthday. Jim Gilliam is the only Dodger not inducted into the Hall of Fame to have his number retired.

Jim Gilliam. Brooklyn Dodgers 2B,3B , 1953-57, Los Angeles Dodgers, 1958-1966 .

Extra Innings…

Sunday Fun-Dre In The Park
image OUT AT THIRD ! Hey, it’s another Sunday Fun-Dre at the park, with Kid Marly Marlz…

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