Magic Number Countdown…12

Dodgers_1964 Topps All Star Tommy Davis Tommy Davis would don the Dodger Blue for 8 seasons, from 1959-1966, winning the National League batting titles in 1962 and 1963. Tommy is the only L.A. Dodger to win a league batting title. There’s a good chance you may have crossed paths with Tommy Davis as he’s usually active in various Dodger alumni events. I’ve had a chance to cross paths with Tommy Davis several times over the years, each time Tommy was very warm and engaging not only with me but with every fan as well…

Dodgers_Tommy Davis Tommy Davis, Autograph Alley, 2008

Dodgers_TommyDavis ScottVSlyke Rancho Tommy Davis and Scott Van Slyke in Rancho Cucamonga this past June during Scottie’s Rehab ( 2 class gentleman I might add…)

Dodgers_Drei Josh TommyDavis TD with me and my long time buddy Josh, Rancho Cucamonga, 2012

Other Dodgers Who Wore Number 12

Eddie Stankie

Ralph Branca

Dusty Baker

Jay Johnstone

Steve Finley

Jeff Kent

Juan Nicasio ( Current )

Extra Innings… Blue Monday…With Kid N Drei…

KID N DREI_MON NIGHT WE LOVE LA Kid N Drei may have been on summer hiatus, but we never went away. So what’s a Monday night at The Ravine like with Kid N Drei ? Here it is, all in 90 seconds…

KID N DREI_DODGER DOG N SAMMY Yeah Kid, Drei even let the Niner mascot, Sourdough Sam, join Kid N Drei’s… HOUSE PARTY !!! 


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