Magic Number Countdown…11… Celebrating Roberto Clemente Day…

Today MLB Baseball will be celebrating Roberto Clemente Day in honor of the late great Pittsburgh Pirate. Like Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente made his way through the Broooklyn Dodger minor league system, playing for the Montreal Royals in 1954, later to be ” Stolen ” from the Pittsburgh Pirates…

Clemente_MontrealRoyals Roberto Clemente, a one-time prospect of the Brooklyn Dodgers

ClementeBridge_VideoPicofClementeRoberto Clemente day, 9/7/2005 with the Pittsburgh skyline anchored by the Roberto Clemente Bridge…

PNC_CLEMENTEStatue honoring Roberto Clemente outside of PNC Park

Magic Number Countdown…11… Manny Mota

Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon…

Manny Mota, the one-time pinch hit king of the Dodgers, also spent parts of his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, playing alongside Roberto Clemente. In this next clip, Manny discusses playing with Roberto…

MANNYMOTA Manny Mota, the one-time king of the pinch hits…


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