Stuck at 2… Mr. Koufax Meet Mr. Ed

Dodgers_Lasorda Magic Number With the Dodgers 3-2 loss to the Giants last night the magic number to clinch their 3rd consecutive NL West title still remains at 2. It will be a battle of the aces tonight as Clayton Kershaw takes the hill against Madison Bumgarner. The Dodgers come limping into tonight’s game having lost 4 straight and 8 of their last 10. 

Dodgers_Lasorda and DreiWe will clinch this sooner or later Tommy…

Mr. Koufax Meet Mr. Ed

In this classic episode of Mr. Ed, the Dodgers lose the first game of a late season game to the Giants in San Francisco ( Sound familiar Dodgers fans ? ). Mr. Ed, that ever so lovable talking horse, finds a way to communicate to Dodgers coach Leo Durocher to help the Dodgers out of their funk. Audio from a young Vin Scully is also featured…

Perhaps some words from the horses mouth can help the Blue ?


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