Some Brief After Season Thoughts… The Ravine Life

For the 27th year in a row, a World Series will not be hosted in side the walls of Chavez Ravine. To any Dodger fan born after 1988, keep your heads up, your day of glory will come eventually.

Should He Stay or Should He Go ?

While 3 consecutive post-season appearances is no small feat, the fact of the matter is whether Don Mattingly should stay or go

Case For…

As said above, 3 consecutive post-season appearances is definitely no small feat. Managerial post-season failure is nothing new in any sport. Bobby Cox, who guided the Braves at 14 consecutive division titles, was the winner of only one World Series title during that span.

Case Against… 

With high expectations and  a payroll of over $300 million, just making the playoffs is anything short of success to the eyes of many. Mattingly has also come under criticism for not fielding a consistent lineup as well. 

To management’s credit, the Dodgers have not made a quick knee-jerk reaction as for the fate of Donnie Baseball. It’s easy to act upon emotion. The loss to the Mets still hurts. Does Mattingly deserve all the blame ? The answer here ? No. 

Every manager gets second guessed. Mattingly, in spite of his $300 million roster, went as far as he did for what he had to work with. The Mets, one game away from a World Series appearance, are peaking at the right time anchored by their outstanding pitching, something that came under scrutiny when not talking about pitchers not named Zack or Clayton. 

Live By The Long Ball…

Well, you know the rest. The Dodgers we’re a team that scored a bulk of their runs via the long ball. If they we’rent goin’ yard, they often found themselves struggling. During the 5 games against the Mets, only 2 home runs we’re hit by the Blue, both coming late in Game 3 with the game out of hand. The inability to drive in runs without the aid of the long ball would definitely prove costly in Game 5.

Regular Season vs. Post Season

During the regular season the Cubs had a decided edge over the Mets, sweeping the season series 7-0. After knocking off the Cardinals in their NLDS, the Cubs we’re favored by many to finally snap their 117 year drought. It could still happen. However, after the Mets Game 3 victory over the Cubs, the Mets find themselves one game away from their first World Series appearance since 2000. The  regular season and post season are two different beasts in their own rights…

As much as I would like to see the Cubs end their 117 year drought, if the Mets we’re to prevail, I would not be one bit upset. After all, wouldn’t it be best to say we lost to the champs ? The fact that the Mets have been able to cruise through the NLCS to this point is really no surprise. The playoffs especially in baseball are a crap-shoot. They often say “survive and advance”. Often times, teams who fight a hard fought series and escape end up playing their best right after. Right now, that team could very well be the Mets…

9th Inning…Kid N Drei

wpid-picsart_10-20-10.09.16.jpg So we didn’t have that deep October run, Kid ! Viejo Dre says hang in there, your day will come. No Matter… through good and bad…WE LOVE L.A. !!! 

Hey, just because the season’s over, don’t mean Kid N Drei have an off-season. We may not be heard from much, but hey, we’ll still continue to keep you posted on any antics we may have, as well as some occasional beats form Kid Marley Marlz. In the meantime, check out all our fun and kid-like moments from the stands and beyond from this past 2015 season in a series we call, The Ravine Life. It was another fun season folks. Forever Dodger Blue !!!


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