If Drei Can Go Back In Time to 1985…

BTTF Happy Back to the Future Day baseball fans ! By now you no doubt know that today is the day when all things predicted about the future are “supposed” to occur, such as the Cubs finally winning the World Series

BTTF_CUBS In the immortal voice of Harry Carey…” CUBS WIN ! CUBS WIN ! “

If Drei Can Go Back In Time…

wpid-fb_img_1445460659740.jpg GREAT SCOTT ! MY VERY OWN TIME TRAVEL DELOREAN !!!

wpid-picsart_10-21-02.49.13-1.jpg OK, not quite my very own time travel delorean… In sticking with today’s theme of time travel, we all have our moments when we would just like to go back in time and change the past. This is true for sports fans, especially baseball fans. Especially in this very month of October. Dodgers fans are no different. 

So if Drei could just hop on a time travel delorean right now and change just one dark October moment in Dodger history, what would it be ? Ironically enough, it would be October 16, 1985. Game 6 of the NLCS against the Cardinals, Top 9th, Dodgers up 5-4, one out away from sending this to Game 7 and…” Hey Tommy, DO NOT PITCH TO JACK CLARK !!!!  I REPEAT !!! DO NOT PITCH TO…”

On a sidenote, who was on deck for the Cardinals ? Andy Van Slyke. Yup, the dad of future Dodger Scott Van Slyke…

RANCHO_SCOTT VAN SLYKE GREAT SCOTT !!! Hey Scott !!! I say let’s go back in time to that fateful day in October ’85 and advise Lasorda to walk Clark, and pitch to your dad !!! How ’bout that Scott ?

wpid-picsart_10-21-02.37.52.jpg So there’s my one dark Dodger moment in time that if given just one, I would change. Dodger fans…Baseball fans… If given the chance to go back in time and change one dark moment, what would it be ?

Will the Cubs win the World Series as in Back to the Future 2 ? It will be a difficult task for them at this point being one game away from elimination….


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