On This World Series Day, 10/27… Drei’s Proposals


Royals 1985


Mets 1986

As fate would have it, this years World Series participants, the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets, would clinch their most recent World Series titles in Game 7Flash forward to today, 2015, Game 1 begins tonight. Barring a 4 game sweep or postponements due to inclement weather, this will be the fourth ever fall classic to carry into November. Unlike today’s format that involves 3 playoff rounds prior to the World Series, in 1985 and ’86, the only post-season participants we’re the 4 division champions participating in their respective league championship. 

Drei’s Proposal

I love baseball as much as the rest of you. We can argue to death whether 162 games is enough or too much. Some have even argued about reducing the season back to 154 games, going back to an era before many of us we’re even around. I do not see that happening folks. However, if I we’re to be commissioner for one day, here’s my proposal…

  • Reduce the season to 159 games. Have the regular season end on a Wednesday. By doing this, this, I feel, would open an opportunity for a 3 game Wild Card round to be played that upcoming weekend following the conclusion of the regular season. 
  • A Best of 3 Wild Card round, with Team A having home field advantage for all 3 potential games. As we all know, anything can happen in a one-game, winner take all, especially when the 2nd and 3rd best regular season teams in baseball collide as was the case this season with the Cubs and Pirates. The Cubs and Pirates had the tough luck of playing in baseballs best division during the regular season. A one game playoff should not throw away a post-season’s chase after playing 162, or in my proposal, 159 games. I will, however, still favor the one-game elimination in the case of a regular season tie.
  • Best of 7’s throughout the remaining playoffs. Sure, the season could potentially carry over to November. We all can and will argue over a Best of 5 being too short of a series, because that was the reason after the 1984 LCS’s, baseball switched over to Best of 7 formats from ’85 to ’93, pre Wild Card baseball. 

So those are my proposals. Got any you’d like to throw out ?

Also, in closing, in looking back at the ’85 World Series, on a personal note, I may have been the happiest 11 year old kid when Kansas City beat St. Louis in 7 games, a fateful Game 6 call at 1st base played a “minor” role. The reason this 11 year old kid at the time was so gleeful even if his Dodgers weren’t in the World Series. Perhaps it had something to do on a Wednesday afternoon at Dodger Stadium 11 days prior…

October baseball. The love/hate relationship that never ends…


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