Just Like That, It’s Over

The baseball season consists of 162 games. That does not include the 25 plus Spring Training games or the potential 10 plus post season games that 30 teams dream of playing.

Yet when the final out of the World Series is recorded, we ask ourselves, ” Did this season just fly by ? “

KC Royals_Banner

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals on winning their first World Championship in 30 years. It certainly was well deserved. 3 of their 4 wins during the World Series the Royals came from behind in the 8th inning or after to win. Throughout the playoffs, the Royals would run into some sort of adversity, including staving off elimination against the Astros during Game 4 of the ALDS, which the Royals would find themselves 6 outs from the golf clubs trailing 6-2. Here’s how the comeback kids did it….

Daniel Murphy the new Bill Buckner ?

Much has been made about Daniel Murphy’s error at 2nd base in the 8th inning of Game 4, drawing comparisons to Bill Buckner in ’86. I don’t totally agree. The Royals we’re not in the brink of elimination at the time Murphy’s error happened. Yes, it played a huge role in the Royals comeback, but let’s not forget the game did not end on that error. The Mets had 2 innings to redeem themselves. Murphy’s error did not end the game…

Terry Collins the new Grady Little ?

As we all know by now, Terry Collins was faced with the decision to take out Matt Harvey after 8 strong shutout innings Sunday night, or go to his closer Jeurys Familia as he intended.  Harvey pleaded vehemently to stay in the game in the top 9th and again, we all know the ending…

Who deserves the blame ? Certainly no one person deserves the blame here. You have to like the competitor in Matt Harvey. No serious competitor ever wants to leave the game with the game on the line. However, Collins as the manager does have the authority to make the final call. Having said that, that’s why we love the second guess.

Not discussed is the fact the Jeurys Familia was not having his best series to this point. Also forgotten was Lucas Duda’s throwing error to the plate .  An accurate throw and Eric Hosmer is out at the plate, the series moves on to Kansas City for a 6th game, and well, anything can happen when a team has even an ounce of life left, as the Royals have shown throughout the playoffs. Let’s also credit Eric Hosmer on his gutsy baserunning. Perhaps his gamble made Duda rush the throw ? Regardless, it was quite a play there by Hosmer. 

9th Inning…Kid N Drei

KID N DREI_BAR BASIC Can you believe the season is over Kid ? Lot of good times this past season bringing the readers another season of Kid N Drei’s fun n games from The Old Ballgame. I’ll certainly drink to that…

Extra Innings…The Bromance Never Ends…

KID N DREI_LACMA 2 Hey Kid, Drei here’s you got some beats on the way ? No off-season for Kid Marley Marlz, right ?

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-07-08-11-15-1.png Good Times Kid… 


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