10 Years and Still a Good Dre

Greetings baseball fans…Dodgers fans ! This month marks 10 years A Good Dre. My first post would be on Christmas Day as Dre here kept it simple, wishing everyone a Happy Holidays while also giving a brief recap on the off-season moves by the front office, including the hiring of new GM Ned Coletti. I also shared my Top 3 All-Time Favorite Holiday Movies as well…

A lot has happened  on and off the field, in the stands and beyond The Ravine in the 10 years Drei has connected with you.  In that span, The Dodgers have made the playoffs 6 times, winning 5 division titles and reaching the NLCS 3 times. Not bad. Now this blog is just waiting for that big prize that’s eluded the Blue for the last 26 years now…

One of the things I attempted during the 2006 season, the first year of Good Dre, was live in-game blogging. That has long been replaced by various social media outlets, particularly Twitter (@good_drei)  and Facebook, where countless Dodger fan pages, as well as other team fan pages, exist. The FB fan pages, particularly Dodger Blue, have been a great way to communicate with fellow Dodger fans.

Social Media ? In 2005 MySpace ( Does that still exist ? ) was the norm. I had my reservations about the use of social media when it first came out. In many ways, I still do…LOL. Social media has arguably been our primary source for sharing our Dodger or even real life moments. Along the way, we’ve discovered other social media outlets for sharing our memories, be it Snapchat or Instagram (@good_drei), among the countless other social media outlets I’m sure i’m leaving out. 

In the 10 years, Drei here has enjoyed sharing countless pictures and stories, both real and comical. Drei has seen Dodger games along our great state of California, as well as St. Louis, Houston and as far as Turner Field in Atlanta, also visiting 20 different MLB cities while taking in a game at 17 of the current parks.

2008_PETCO WITH DANIEL ON AMTRAK Road trip to SD with the lil’ bro Daniel, via Amtrak, June ’08, forever known to us as Black Thursday, with the Dodgers being shutout 9-0 to the Padres and the Lakers blowing a 24 point lead in Game 4 of the ’08 NBA Finals to the Celtics…

PETCO09_13DREI_JOSHOpening Day ’09, PETCO Park, with my best buddy Josh, whom I’ve traveled a good mile or two with over the years…

Sharing these moments, as time consuming as they can be, has, in many ways, also been much easier, thanks in large part to the advancement of our mobile devices. Bet you couldn’t say that in 2005 could you ? After all, how many of you we’re instantly sharing your pictorial moments from your pone in 2005 ? Did we even know a hashtag could have the power to share and communicate with millions of other fans alike ? We’ve come a long way in regards to how we share our moments in the stands, to the point where this past season, Drei here has even attempted a so-called ” Reality Series “, dubbed, The Ravine Life, with his broham, Marlon B, as we have become infamously known, well, we’d like to think that anyways, known as… KID N DREI, with Kid Marley Marlz and yours truly, Dodger Drei. The Ravine Life isn’t the only thing Kid N Drei have also shared, be it Kid’s freestyling or Drei capturing Kid’s mischievous moments…

Marlz_Bubbles Kid Marley Marlz, throwin’ down a Foam Party in high up on the reserve level with Minion Dave ( There’s a reason he’s known as, well, Kid…)

Oh yeah. In the 10 years since Good Dre in L.A. began, which Dodger has been around the longest during that span ? 

Dodgers_ Ethier 2006 Yup. You guessed it. Here’s a young Dre, during Camera Day, 2006. In the distance, Kenny Lofton and Nomar Garciaparra, sans the names on the back. 2006 was the 2nd and last year of the nameless jersey ( Remember those ? )

 One of my favorite moments in the 10 years cheering on The Blue at The Ravine ? Why don’t I just let Vin narrate it for you, as this took place in Game 2 of the 2009 NLDS, as I was witnessing this form high above behind home plate up in the top deck..

Here’s hoping this upcoming 2016 season, the final one to be called by Vin Scully, his final call will be inside a champagne drenched Dodger clubhouse come late October/early November. It’s been 27 years now.

So those are just some of the moments during these last 10 years, many of them memorable, and some, well… I look forward to sharing more memorable moments throughout the upcoming season as we look back at some of my past posts. Another 10 plus years A Good Dre ? Stay tuned…


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