Seasons Greetings…No Off-Season For Kid N Drei

It’s been a little over a month now since the season has ended. Yes folks, even though it is December, the off-season has not been that long. That’s what the expanded playoff format, in place since 2012, does to an off-season that almost always ends before Halloween.

Though 2015 would see The Blue come up short of a World Series once again, it would be another fun season for Kid Marley Marlz and DodgerDrei, bringing you The Ravine Life, Kid N Drei’s own “unofficial” reality series sharing with you the adventures and Kid’s, ok, also, Drei’s mischief and Kid like experiences beyond The Ravine, Cruising L.A. KID N DREI_LACMA 2

all the way down south to San Diego …

KID N DREI_BUBBLES 2 There’s never a dull moment around Kid N Drei inside and beyond, The Ravine Life…

When it comes to an off-season Kid Marley Marlz and Dodger Drei know nothing of it. For Drei, it could be cruising the college scene and other venues while providing sports fans and travelers the 4-1-1- on their sports travel journey’s over at Stadium Journey.

Stadium Journey

For Marlz, it may be work on his beats, such as this one titled, You, which he provided for Drei, even if Kid was mocking Drei…

Kid Marley Marlz does have a studio version of, You, dedicated to some other, well, You…

Hey Kid ! This, You, whom you’ve dedicated this song to, it seems that Minion Dave always found a way to get in between the two of…YOU…

picsart_12-12-10.01.55.jpgBe it your birthday celebration at The Ravine…

picsart_12-12-10.06.03.jpgOr a road trip down I-5 to PETCO Park, Minon Dave just seems attached to the two of…YOU… Here’s a message to the two of, You, from The Beach Boys… ” Don’t Worry Baby, Everything will turn out allright…”

Want more from the kid ? Here’s a list of his tracks from his Soundcloud, at MDario GlutenFreeSounds…


Hey Kid ! Christmas is just around the corner ! How ’bout a classic holiday tune ? Perhaps a tale of some reindeer named Rudy ?

Well, another season…another year is in the books. I hope you all had a great 2015. Hopefully, this holiday season will bring you many joyful moments. Yes, the off-season has not exactly been the most joyous one to this point for many a Dodger fan, with Zack Greinke heading to the desert and the hated ones landing Johnny Cueto. Yes, there is plenty of concern around Dodgerville during this holiday season, with the rival NL West teams stacking up on their pitching and The Blue pretty much playing the waiting game. 3 consecutive division titles is no small feat, but eventually, the rest of the division will catch up. Will this be a Blue Christmas in Dodgerville in it’s literal sense ? Like the front office, we the fans can only wait…

picsart_12-12-09.59.43.jpg Good Times Kid ! 







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