Going Back to Cali…


For the first time since 1994, L.A. will be home to NFL Football. The Rams, calling St. Louis home since 1995 after leaving the southland, will be returning to L.A. for the 2016 season. The Rams are expected to play their home games at The L.A. Coliseum until their new home in Inglewood is ready, expected to open in 2019. The L.A. Coliseum hosted the Raiders for 13 seasons from 1982-1994 before returning to Oakland. The Raiders we’re  hopeful of returning to L.A. but later withdrew. The San Diego Chargers, also looking to relocate, have the option as well to call L.A. home. 

As a 49ers fan here in L.A., and there are plenty of them here folks, yes it is possible to be both a Dodgers and 49ers fan, I am happy the Rams are coming back. It provides us the chance to see our team without having to leave home, and from a geographical standpoint, all teams in the NFC West will be just a short flight away from each other, with the Seahawks being the most distant team. The LA-SF rivalry, something we’re all familiar with on the diamond, is now back on the gridiron…


What was happening when L.A. was last home to some NFL action ?

1994_northridge quake.jpg

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake, the Northridge Quake, would jolt the southland…

1994_Info Superhwy

Our way of communicating and eventually, reconnecting with old acquaintances would change forever when we would be introduced to the information superhighway, what we know it as today, the internet…

1994_baseball strike Major League Baseball would suffer a season ending strike, leaving a black eye on America’s Pastime. It would take awhile for the fans to fully forgive baseball…

1994_Raul Mondesi Raul Mondesi would be the third of 5 consecutive Dodgers to win the NL Rookie of the Year award….





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