When I’m 64

top 100 badge.jpeg MLBcomblogs recently released their 2015 Top 100 fan mlb.com blogs. For the 2nd time in 3 years, my blog has made the list. ( I really should say 3rd year in a row but last year’s stats weren’t released, mlb.com/blogs ! LOL ) At number 64, my page has jumped an enormous 32 spots from my number 96 ranking in 2013 ! As always, I thank you,the readers, the baseball fans, the Dodgers fans for stopping by. A lot of passion also goes behind doing this blog. Also, a shoutout to other fellow Dodger bloggers who made the Top 100 list as well with their rankings…

Top 100 Dodger Fan Blogs…

12. Dodger Blue World

54. cat loves the dodgers

91. Dodger Familia Thoughts

And of course, your’s truly…

64. It’s Always A Good Dre in L.A.

I have had this blog up now for 10 years, starting in December 2005 with 2006 being it’s first official season. In that time, the Dodgers have made the playoffs 6 times, winning 5 NL West titles with 3 trips to the NLCS. All that waits is that really big prize awarded deep in to late October/early November…

I’ve written and posted about countless thoughts both of the Dodgers and stuff away from The Ravine in many ways, shapes and forms. In the 10 years i’ve done this now, especially the last 3 years, my readership has really grown. There have been various changes as well. Of course, in 2005 there were not as many outlets to share my work. Today, 2016, it seems there are countless outlets, thanks to, of course, the growing amount of social media networks.

Only one active Dodger remains from that 2006 team…ANDRE ETHIER Yup, you guessed it ! Dre Day !!! Dodger fans, remember those nameless jerseys ? There’s Kenny Lofton and Nomar…

Will Andre continue to don the Dodger Blue ? It seems that we can never avoid the topic of whether Dre stays or goes, no matter how much we weight the pros and cons of Andre’s continued presence in the Blue. It won’t be long before he becomes a 10-5 player, Andre is owed $18 million in 2016, $17.5 next season, not exactly the price teams up for potential trades are willing to take on for an outfielder turning 34 in April. One thing Andre has shown throughout is career in the Dodger Blue is durability. Could Andre be a Dodger for life ?


Hey Kid !

During the last 2 years posting, i’ve received plenty of help here talent wise in many many ways, including visually…

Marlz_Urban Lights

 and lyrically, from some, “Kid”…Kid Marley Marlz, Marlon B…Always calling Drei here, VIEJO !… His talent goes beyond just skills…Street Skillz…(As usual, no off-season for The Kid…


Hey Kid ! Your Gluten Free Sounds got enough tracks to fill an entire album !

With Marlon B’s talents, Kid Marley Marlz and yours truly, Dodger Drei, Kid N Drei have been more than happy to bring you tale’s from and beyond…The Ravine. Hey Kid, Drei here knows when you ain’t calling Drei, VIEJO, you’re also calling Drei, Drei Beats…


But you know what kid ? Though them beats may bear my name (LOL), it’s you with the beats. Drei here just tell’s the stories. But hey, it’s what makes Kid N Drei work, Kid’s beats, Drei’s tales… How much more tale’s do Kid N Drei have ahead ? Well, Drei here says Kid’s got a lot more ahead of him and well, when it comes to making this tale work, often times, it takes a collaborative effort in ways, shapes and forms only those involved would know. Like you once told me, ” We make magic together…”, to which your “Broham” says, THANKS KID…

Kid N Drei_ 88 Ring Good Times Kid ! Hey Kid, since you always enjoy calling Drei, VIEJO, perhaps 2016 is the year you ACTUALLY experience a World Series Championship…

9th Inning…DH Coming to the NL ?

Not anytime soon, according to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. As a fan, i’ve enjoyed the small things about the NL games. I’ve enjoyed them for the 35 plus year’s i’ve watched the game. Why fix it now ? Fans still flock to the games right ? The lack of the DH doesn’t seem to affect fans interest inside The Ravine as it still features the most active turnstiles year in year out. If Drei has his way, Drei says, keep the DH away from the NL. The game hasn’t suffered. Keep it in the AL if you must, but I’ve been fine without it the last 30 plus years, I’ll be ok without it for many more years to come…So, Dodger fans, for those of you who still enjoy the intricate strategies still in existence in an NL park such as our beloved Ravine, you can breathe a sigh of relief, and still enjoy the sight of one of these moments every now and then (Who says pitchers cant hit ?)

Extra Innings… Walking Off With Dre

In the 10 years I’ve had this blog up…In the 10 seasons Dre has donned The Blue, Dre has had many a clutch moment, earning him the moniker, Mr. Clutch. Many a times, Dre has sent the visiting 9 walking off…

And most recently, 8/2/2015, against the Halos…

Dodgers_Ethier Walk Off More Mr. Clutch moments left ahead in the Dodger Blue for Mr. Clutch ? (Photo, Jon SooHoo)




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