Super Bowl Sunday Is Just Around The Corner…We’re That Much Closer To Opening Day…Time to Hit Up the Super Bowl Parties Right ?

Leading Off…

OK. Let’s admit it. Though most of the commercials during the Super Bowl are mostly duds, we all have that one that just makes our personal all-time number one list…

Budweiser ‘Ref Tune-Out’, Super Bowl XXXVIII, 2004

With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, that just means that we are that much closer to spring training. Time to hit up the Super Bowl parties, right ?

SB PARTY 2 (NJ Monthly)

WRONG ! Now I know that many of you Dodgers and baseball fans are also fans of the pigskin as well. Any real fan will tell you, SUPER BOWL PARTIES ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST ! Way more often than not, a good, if not majority amount of the guests at the party will not even be football fans. Look at that picture above. Notice how most of them aren’t even glued to the tv ? OK, I’ll give it up to the lady in the white NY Giants jersey. Yeah, she’s probably gorging on her 3rd plate of gluttony. But hey, as much as the food gouger is on many a fan’s list of annoying SB guests, I don’t mind them. After all, most SB parties are going to have an abundance of food. Hey, if you’re there to, wait for it, ACTUALLY WATCH THE GAME ( IS THAT WHY THEY HAVE SUPER BOWL PARTIES ? ), then hey, have at the grub. Heck, there’ll probably be more than enough for you to take home for tomorrow’s lunch, right ?

The problem with these parties is, the guests that are only there to socialize way to often far outnumber the actual fans. They talk too much during the game. These same people who don’t even watch one single down the entire season, some are there to pretend they are a fan, some are there for 2 things…The commercials and the halftime show. At least one of the guests ( You’ll be lucky if it’s only one ) will constantly bombard you with such questions, ” Why are you such a big fan ? Did you ever play football ? ” And so on and so on…


If you happen to be a fan of either the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers, then you definitely need to stay out of a Super Bowl party. Trust me on this one.  This is even worse than if you’re not a fan of either team. You will be so vested in the game the last thing you want is that one party goer, not necessarily a woman believe it or not, not only bombarding you with 20 questions ( Again, if it’s only 20 questions consider yourself lucky…), but bombarding you with questions about your fandom, you know, the type that will ask you ” How long have you been a fan ? Why are you such a big fan ? Why do you like such and such team so much ? ” And on, and on… Oh yeah, being that you are, wait for it…. A FAN ! Chances are, you probably have your own personal superstitions/traditions. I mean, really, could you just imagine if the Steelers we’re in the SB and having someone ask a Steelers fan, ” Why do you always wave that yellow towel ?”. But hey, if you feel you must, instead of going to someone else’s party, how ’bout hosting your own get together in the very comforts of your fancave. You, and maybe two of your close buddies who, like you, have an actual interest in the game. Again, trust me on this, being around only two of your close buddies rather than a whole bunch of wannabe fans pretending to have an interest in the game is certainly a hell of a better way to spend that one Sunday of the year. 

I’m not going to delve into a list of reasons why a real fan should avoid a Super Bowl party as i’m sure many of you real, actual fans can come up with some better ones. Think i’m the only one who detests SB parties ? 

Super Bowl Fun Facts…

This will be the Denver Broncos 8th Super Bowl appearance, tying them for the most ever with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. The Broncos are 2-5 in Super Bowls

Denver, as the designated home team, has opted to wear their road whites. In past Super Bowls, where Denver has worn orange, they are 0-4, being outscored by a combined total of 166-38. 

Jerry rice.jpgJerry Rice scoring a TD in Super Bowl XXIV against the Broncos. The sight of an opponent’s back strutting toward the endzone hands held high with the football has been an all-too familiar one for the Broncos while donning the orange…( Gin Ellis/Getty Images )

The Broncos are hardly the only team to be superstitious when it comes to the gameday jersey. To this day the Dallas Cowboys still refuse to wear their blue jerseys during home games. Even the Broncos neighbors, the Colorado Rockies, got into the act during their post-season run of 2007, when they continually donned the sleveless blacks

The Carolina Panthers are the 4th 15 plus win regular season team to play in the Super Bowl, joining the 15 win 49ers and Bears of 1984 and 1985 and the 16-0 Patriots of 2007. Cam Newton and crew are with pretty good company…

Overall, this will be Carolina’s 2nd Super Bowl appearance. Their only appearance was in 2003, Jake Delhomme was their starting QB

delhomme_newton Jake Delhomme, QB from SB XXXVIII and Cam Newton (USA Today Sports)


Drei’s Super Pick

I really enjoy watching Cam Newton play. This Carolina team is just on another level right now. Peyton Manning has been there before. But hey, a part of me wants to see this Carolina team join the ’84 49ers and ’85 Bears as the NFL’s only other 18 win teams. That would definitely be one elite class…

Broncos 17

Panthers 34

Enjoy the game folks ! Do any of you have any SB Party pet peeves of your own ? How many days ’til Opening Day ?













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