Throwback Thursday With Drei…All Eyes On Dre

3d22.jpg All Eyes on Dre !  Dodgers vs. Padres, 7/24/2006

2006…Two rookies…Andre Ethier and Russel Martin. Neither of whom we’re on the Opening Day lineup…10 years later, both are still playing…Both still don the color Blue…Today one wear’s his blue north of the border…One still wears his blue at The Ravine…Hey Dre ! Forever Dodger Blue ?

Opening Day Lineup, 4/3/2006

  1. Rafael Furcal SS
  2. Jose Cruz Jr. LF
  3. J.D. Drew RF
  4. Jeff Kent 2B
  5. Olmedo Saenz 1B
  6. Bill Mueller 3B
  7. Sandy Alomar C
  8. Jason Repko CF
  9. Derek Lowe P

f41c.jpg Jeff Kent, Camera Day, June 2006 ( Yes Dodger fans, Jeff could display an occasional smile…)

In celebration of my 10th anniversary blogging here I will be sharing from time to time some of my past posts dating all the way back to the 2006 season as well as other fun items. As always, thank you Dodgers fans and baseball fans for stopping by and checking out my blog. You the fans have played a huge part in making my blog a Top 100 post 2 of the last 3 years… ( Drei here still says 3, MLB.COM/blogs…LOL ) 




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