Guiding You Through The Cactus League

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The Spring Training Experience, 2/28/2014


Contrary to popular belief, I will not be assuming full time broadcast duties once Vinny retires. But, on this day two years ago, 2/28/2014, thanks to a contest a buddy of mine won through Clear Channel Radio, we got to experience a Spring Training game along with the Fox Sports Crew. Vic the Brick was very gracious in letting me borrow his microphone…


Mike_Vic My buddy Mike kicking it with VTB. The ST experience was made possible thanks to Mike winning a contest through Clear Channel…

LA_SOX Camelback Ranch. Home to both the Dodgers and White Sox…

Hairston_Drei Kickin’ it with White Sox coach Jerry Hairston, the proclaimed ” Original JHair…”

Yeager_CatchingtheAction Former Dodger catcher Steve Yeager looking outward at the action…

yeager With the former catcher Steve Yeager…

Drei_TimLeary With former pitcher Tim Leary, member of our last WS Champion team in 1988…

Tommy_Drei The skipper…Tommy Lasorda…

February 28th, 2014 has to be the earliest i’ve ever experienced an MLB game. It was also my first ever Spring Training experience. Some day, I hope to do more Cactus League games. My one regret of the numerous trips i’ve done is never experiencing ST in Vero Beach. Relocating their ST home from Vero Beach, Fl to Glendale, AZ was a smart move by the Dodgers, allowing their fans closer access to the ST experience. Here’s more from My spring training experience at Camelback Ranch in 2014

9th Inning…GAME OVER

picsart_03-03-09.37.58.gif A GIF I created. I took this pic prior to the 2006 season. The Eric Gagne banner from 2005 had yet to be replaced. Amazing how and what even the least skilled tech person can create. Hey, how ’bout some entrance music for GAME OVER…






2 thoughts on “Guiding You Through The Cactus League”

    1. Hi Cat ! Fortunately when I went, back in 2014 the weather gods we’re kind to us. I definitely want to do ST again. I hope you have a great time at Camelback next week !


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