Beyond The Yard…A SUN-DAY, FUN-DREI…Blue Strolling The Valley

1st Inning…KID N DREI…WE’RE BAAAAACK (Well, Almost…)

screenshot_2016-03-06-18-03-30.pngThe one rare photo with Marley Marlz where Drei doesn’t have The Blue on… ( SnapChat Photo by Kid Marley Marlz @MDario83 )

Happy Sunday Dodger fans ! I guess there’s just no escaping from Kid Marley Marlz on this…SUN-DAY, FUN-DREI ! Especially when KID N DREI just happen to cross paths in, of all places, a freeway underpass on Van Nuys Blvd in Pacoima. But hey, no off-season for KID N DREI, right ?

It just so happened that Kid N Drei, unbeknownst each others knowledge, happened to take part in CicLaVia, an event that takes place throughout L.A. where streets are closed off to vehicular traffic for cyclists, as well as skaters all the way to pedestrians. Hey Kid, if Drei knew you we’re coming out toward his ‘hood, Drei would have worn his Blue. Here’s some of Drei’s visual highlights from CicLavia, featuring artwork along the Mural Mile of the San Fernando Valley

CICLAVIA 2 Hey There ! These folks are all excited for Blue’s presence…

CICLAVIA 3Yo Dawg ! Hey, it was a nice day to take The Dodger Dog for a walk…

Now, the famed murals…

CICLAVIA 13_DREI LEVIPONCE With the man behind much of the murals along Mural Mile, Levi Ponce…

CICLAVIA 10_BLUE AND PACOIMA ROCK Welcome To Pacoima…Forever known to many as the home of Ritchie Valens… A stroll up Van Nuys Blvd. in Pacoima wouldn’t be complete without this ballad from Ritchie…


CICLAVIA 6 One of the  MEND Community Murals along the 5 freeway underpass on Van Nuys Blvd as an astronaut and fireman look onward to those passing by…


Oh don’t we all feel so communal…

CICLAVIA 8_DOG AND MURAL Another MEND Community Mural. A future Dodger ? The Dodger Dog highly approves of this artwork… 

wp-1457591761224.jpeg Is that Kid Marley Marlz in that Purple n Gold customized fixie passing the mural of the future Dodger ?

picsart_03-06-09.38.58.jpgYup. KID N DREI would cross paths at CicLaVia on this…SUN-DAY, FUN-DREI…There’s just something about Dodger Blue that just can’t separate KID N DREI… It’s almost that time of year folks…Kid with The Beats, Drei With the Tales…

9th Inning…Dreis Thoughts…Talking ‘Bout My Generation

Goose Gossage Goose Gossage ( Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, former Yankees and Padres HOF pitcher Goose Gossage expressed his disdain toward certain aspects of today’s game, be it the “nerds”  who are in charge to his criticism of Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista . Without a doubt, The Goose’s thoughts come from another era. As with anything, there will always be generational conflicts. Does Goose Gossage really speak of his generation ? While I may appreciate that Goose Gossage still wear’s his passion for the game on his sleeve, it is obvious that he for one has not adjusted, or yet, has not been willing to accept change, particularly the way Jose Bautista displays himself. 

We all know about Jose Bautista’s epic bat flip from last years deciding ALDS game. Most fans, ( Except those in Texas..) actually raved at Jose’s show of emotion. Was Joey Bats showing up the pitcher ? If hitting a crucial 3 run game tying home run in an elimination game is showing up the pitcher, OK, yes. But aside from that, where’s the display of showing up the pitcher ?

Competition and the willing to win can bring out the best and also often the worst of human emotions. For all the money and glory that’s on the line, the game is still played by humans. A show of emotion is something most humans relate to, especially when something big is on the line, as in this case, a trip to the ALCS. Is it me, or the fact that athletes showing displays of emotion is nothing new ? Remember the days when Dennis Eckersley would point his finger toward his catcher after a save ( Save for one time he couldn’t perform that display in…1988…). How about NFL players who do ridiculous dances after a tackle or a touchdown ? You know, some of those dances that, while some are classic, many should be against the law. While I still respect Goose Gossage from his days in the pinstripes and with The Friars, his views seem to be somewhat outdated. Or are they ? 

Extra Innings…The Trek Toward The Ravine…

picsart_03-12-06.49.53.jpg We’re slowly making our way toward The Ravine folks… Drei’s 2016 picks coming soon !!!








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