Throwback Thursday…Jackie’s First Game…Oh The Madness…



Jackie’s First Game, 3/17/1946


OK. You’re all probably saying, ” Wait a minute, wasn’t his first MLB game on 4/15/1947 ? ” That is correct folks. However, Jackie Robinson’s first ever integrated spring training game would take place on this day, 70 years ago on March 17, 1946 in Daytona Beach Florida for the Montreal Royals, the Triple A affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Here is perhaps the earliest recording of Jackie Robinson playing for Montreal on April 2, 1946… 

Throwback Thursday…Drei’s March Madness Memories

     “Let’s hope UCLA can continue their streak and perhaps RETURN TO GLORY.  Good luck Bruins in       the NCAA Tourney.  U…C…LLLL A…UCLA FIGHT ! FIGHT ! FIGHT ! “

My words from 2006 as prior to UCLA’s run toward The Final Four. These day’s, the State of UCLA Basketball is anything but glorious, another reason why Drei can’t wait for the regular season to arrive. But hey, i’m sure many of you have a great interest. Before your done reading this post, your brackets ( As well as mine ) will probably be broken. Yup, it’s March Madness folks…

7f72.jpg 3/12 2006. 3 Bruins and a Duck. Fast forward to the current day and it’s now Oregonwho is atop the conference and the top seed in the west. Oregon is one of 7 Pac-12 schools, including USC, playing in the tournament…

33ab.jpgKickin’ it with Jordan Farmar, 3/12/2006. Unknown at the time of this pic this was after Jordan’s final game at Pauley Pavillion. I asked Jordan if he’d be playing for dough come October ” Let me hang a banner up there first…” As for that 12th banner, well…LOL

fb_img_1458184060124.jpgFormer Bruin and current assistant Tyus Edney…

fb_img_1458184261883.jpg Ty Edney will always have a place in the heart of this Bruin fan for one moment in ’95 that took all but 4.8 seconds…

wp-1458188472318.jpeg Well Skip, since our Sons of Westwood ain’t dancin’, hopefully you’ll be the one who get’s us to that ” Other ” dance come October. It’s been 28 years..

So what’s your favorite March Madness memory ? 




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