Throwing Back Thursday…A March Madness Tale

Leading Off…R.I.P. Joe

A good part of my childhood on Saturday afternoons was spent watching the NBC Game of The Week, listening to the tandem of our Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola. Vin_Joe G.jpg

The man who would along with Vin call 3 of the most epic games of my childhood, one involving heartbreak ( Jack Clark in 1985 ) and one that even Hollywood couldn’t script ( Gibson, 1988 ), broadcasting legend Joe Garagiola passed away Wednesday at the age of 90

DODGERS_Joe G Vin Tommy Joe, Tommy and Vin

A March Madness Tale

March Madness is the first sounds of the cry…”PLAY BALL”…


March Madness is Kid Marley Marlz dreaming of a World Series title…

March Madness…March Madness is KID…



and Dre blowing bubbles…Waiting for the season to start

March Madness… March Madness has been anything but kind to Dre…

For Dre must now wait before he can play…

Dre and Drei, both feeling Blue, and not the right kind of Blue…

Oh the madness…

Madness Moments…Throwing Back Thursday…HEARTBREAK CITY, Oakland CA, 2006

As the Madness continues tonight with some Sweet 16 action, let’s go back 10 years to one of my favorite March Madness moments…HEARTBREAK CITY…

33ab.jpgSS…H With Jordan Farmar,  godson of former Dodger Eric Davis. This was after his final ever game at Pauley Pavillion, unbeknownst anyone’s knowledge, March 2006 before…THE MADNESS…HEARTBREAK CITY !!! 


Also throwing back to 2006…BACK THE PACK…3 Bruins and a Duck…Now, it’s Oregon who is representing the Pac 12 in The Sweet 16… So, how have your brackets held up ? Or are you just like the rest of us ? Just waiting for baseball to start ? Yup, the wait can be…VERY MAD’NING…Yup, It’s March Madness…

9th Inning

wp-1458705266252.jpeg WAKE UP KID !!! IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL !!!




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