Throwing Back Thursday…Giving The New Yard a Blue Christening

fb_img_1459916138621.jpg Today marks the home opener for the Giants. 16 years ago the hated ones opened in their new home against the Dodgers. After 40 seasons at Candlestick Park, the Giants would move to China Basin to a gem of a park, and Kevin Elster would give it the proper christening…

Though I would not be at that first game, I did however catch the 2nd half of the 2nd game that had been suspended due to rain and all of the 3rd game of that 3 game series, which The Blue would sweep all 3 games to open the Giants new digs…

fb_img_1459916056346.jpg The locals giving me a Royal Blue treatment…LOL…

fb_img_1459916155526.jpg August, 2009. Hey, you guys coming over for dinner ?

 Always proud to turn The Bay…Blue !!!




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