10 Years a Good Dre…HAPPY BORN-DRE, DRE…


It’s been 10 Years a Good Dre on my end…It’s also been 10 Years since Dre first donned the Dodger Blue, making him the longest tenured Dodger of any current player donning the Dodger Blue…Today, Dre celebrates his 34th BORN-DRE…Here’s some pics of Dre over the years…

ANDRE ETHIER Camera Day, 2006…Young Dre…A Rookie named Dre…

 2008, Universal Citiwalk

DODGERS_DRE MANNY 2009Dre and Manny



dreispics773 Dre and Matty, sporting the throwback threads…


So those are some of my pics of Dre over the years. I’ve been more distant from the field the last few seasons but hopefully I can snap some more when Dre comes back in June…Dre has certainly done his part over the years when it comes to sending the visitors for a Walk Off The Ravine…

And all the way back to Anaheim…

dre_dre Off-season caravan, L.A. River cleanup, February 2011…HAPPY BORN-DRE, DRE !!!! Let’s get you another win today over the hated ones and hopefully without the Dre-Matics of yesterday’s game…LOL





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