10 Years a Good Dre…Sunday Night Flashback…Scott Van Slyke, The Son of the Blank Blank

The Dodgers and Cardinals have staged some epic battles over the years. Heck, I still dread the day when Tommy Lasorda once called Andy Van Slyke, son of, you guessed it, Scott Van Slyke, a BLANK BLANK ( As told by our favorite storyteller who we simply know as…Vin)

31 years later, even the sound of Vinny still won’t stop me from asking ” WHY DID YOU PITCH TO JACK CLARK ? “

58437_1543704079875_7619633_n Scott Van Slyke, Right Field, AAA Albuquerque Isotopes, 8/28/2010

Fast forward now to a Sunday night in May, 2012… 27 years later the SON OF THE BLANK BLANK Van Slyke finds himself wearing the Dodger Blue. Having been called up from Albuquerque, the rookie finds himself in a pinch hitting role in the home 7th, with The Blue trailing the Red Birds 5-3. With 2 on and 2 out, at the plate with a 3-0 count, Drei here tells his buddy Josh ” The rookie ain’t swinging on a 3-0 pitch…”. You really don’t think the rookie is swinging away at a 3-0 pitch, do ya ?


Not only was the 3 run blast Van Slyke’s first MLB 4 bagger, the 3 run 4 bagger, from the son of that…BLANK BLANK… would give the Blue a 6-5 lead over the Cardinals, the team the senior Van Slyke would start his career with. The Blue would hold on for the win and an eventual 3 game sweep of the Red Birds. What a moment that must have been for the SON OF THAT BLANK BLANK…


20150614_132819.jpg Chattin it up with 2x batting champion Tommy Davis while rehabbing in Rancho Cucamunga…

picsart_05-13-11.18.24.jpg GREAT SCOTT !!! Here I am in Rancho kickin’ it with the Son of that BLANK BLANK Van Slyke…

Drei’s Thoughts…5/15/2016

With the offense scoring 18 runs in their last 3 games the offense looks like it’s starting to get back on track. The Dodgers, 4-2 in the current homestand and winners of their last 3, have a chance to do what they did 4 years ago the night The ‘Stache hit his first big league 4 bagger, sweep the Cardinals. Alex Wood, who has performed well at home this year, will take the mound as he tries to follow up on Scott Kazmir’s gem from last night. The Giants have also started to heat up, winning 4 in a row as they will try to pull off a 4 game sweep in the desert. Earlier this season it was the Snakes who pulled off the 4 game sweep up north. With the Dodgers and Giants starting to warm up and the Rockies lying only a game and a half behind, the NL West could start to be finally warming up…

Extra Innings… A SUN-DAY, FUN-DREI Tale From Kid Marley Marlz…

Marlz_Mascots1 With 4 games coming up against our neighbors down I-5, the rival mascot’s of the Halos have joined forces with our Dodger Dog and The Kid as we all hope The Blue has a big series as they attempt to take down that Red Rally Monkey… Oh yeah, that’s not the only thing Stomper and The Moose are bonding together for. The Moose is still upset over his city not having an NBA team since they bolted for OKC 8 years ago. The Dodger Dog, caught in the middle, has mixed feeling. After all, his favorite team’s AAA Team does call OKC home. Not only that, the Dodger Dog has also been a big Russel Westbrook fan since his days as a Son of Westwood…

13227065_1127510437313048_1773213978151655468_n Does Curry continue his quest for a repeat ? Will Russel Westbrook have something to say about that ? 



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