Dreis Notes on a Scorecard, 5/15/2016

20160516_082344.jpg Drei’s scorecard notes…5/15/2016…THEY’RE BACK !!!  (For now…) Cardinals 5 Dodgers 2

One of the thing’s i’ve done at ballgames since I was a kid is keep score. Do I have all my scorecards of years past ? Hardly. When you live in a single unit apartment even the slightest items of size end up turning into quick clutter. These days it seems keeping score at a baseball game is a lost art. Could it be because there’s more to do at a ballpark these days than to sit through 9 innings of baseball ? Imagine that..

picsart_05-21-03.44.11.jpgWell, I guess even Kid Marley Marlz needs something else to do in the park to let out all that energy…That’s a BIG BOBBLEHEAD, KID…Once a Kid, Always a Kid, Forever a Kid, Kid at Heart

Back to the Game…


On this Sunday night, Alex Wood would continue his trend of quality home performances, going 6 while K’ing 5 while only allowing a run. Unfortunately, another trend would continue as the bullpen would rear it’s ugly head once again, as longtime nemesis Yadier Molina would drive in the winning runs with a 2 out 2 run double as the Cards would salvage the 3rd game the 3 game series. The bullpen woes would continue into this week…

20160516_082318.jpg Not all of the Bats in Blue would take the night of as Corey Seager would go yard twice. Currently Seager is on an 11 game hitting streak having gone yard 4 times this week. A-GON, who had been pitched around 3 times by the Red Birds, should be back at the starting lineup tonight. Let’s hope Alex Wood, tonight’s starter, will think of Petco Park as Dodger Stadium south, given his struggles on the road…

Other Scorecard Notes…

You know this took place in an NL park when you see the lineup changes, particularly in the 8-9 spots. You really don’t see these changes as much in an AL Park, at least I don’t, unless the game is a runaway and the manager is giving playing time away…

Any of you out there still keep score ? How does your way compare to mine ? Or are they similar ? 

Around The NL West…

The Blue, losers of 5 of their last 6, look to get back on the winning track as they look to Alex Wood to stop the bleeding. This will be The Blue’s 16th consecutive game of 20. 4 of the last 5 games has seen the bullpen working from the 5th or 6th inning on, including last night’s blown save by Kenley Jansen, his first BS after 13 successions. Hey, Kenley is entitled to a night off. Starting pitchers not named Kershaw have not exactly helped out as of recent either…

The Giants, sitting atop the west 3.5 games, had their 8 game winning streak snapped last night by the Cubs and Jake Arrieta. 7 of those 8 wins came off a 4 game sweep in Arizona and a 3 game sweep against the Padres, who they are 7-0 against this season…


Dodger fans ! Baseball fans ! Summer is coming up. Looking to go out on the road to follow The Boys in Blue ? Or just exploring the 30 Yards of Summer ?  Check out our MLB Ballpark Experience Rankings at Stadium Journey for some tips and travel advice for your ballpark and other sports themed journeys. Also keep an eye out for some weekend road trip tips among other upcoming sports travel advice… We’d also like to hear what you think of the rankings ? ( I know I’d like to hear from you..) How would you rank the 30 yards of MLB ? 

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