10 Years a Good Dre…From The Ravine, Down I-5 and Back…

picsart_05-21-05.27.35.jpg Drei kickin’ it with our former outfielder and future skipper, Dave Roberts, Camera Day, 4/30/2006. Dave would roam the outfield of Chavez Ravine from 2002 to July 2004 before being traded to the Red Sox, where he would play a key role in Boston’s first World Championship in 86 years. Pictured here with the Padres, he would roam the outfield at Petco Park from 2005-06. Roberts even as a Friar was always very cordial toward us Dodger fans. Good to have you in charge of the home 3rd dugout. Yeah, we’re struggling right now, our bullpen has been of no help recently, but hey, it’s a long season…

Drei’s Sunday Tale…Mini Puig and Jackie

Puig_Jackie Welcome Back Mini Puig ! We see you’re checking out the Jackie Robinson tribute at the UCLA Hall of Fame. Like our skipper, Jackie wore both the Blue and Gold and the Dodger Blue…

20160220_125335 Dodger Blue and Blue and Gold…

20160220_125841.jpg Can never pay enough tributes to Mr. Robinson…





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