Drei’s Notes on a Scorecard, 5/22/2016

Drei’s scorecard notes…5/22/2016…Dodgers 9 Padres 5 (17)

Where do I begin ? If you we’re fortunate enough to have been there yesterday as I was, no doubt you’ll understand that it’s going to take more than a few notes to recap these cards. So instead, coming later, I will present Drei’s Tales from a Scorecard… 

In the meantime, here’s 17 facts from yesterday’s 17 innings that saw 127 official at-bats, among other facts and stats. Yasiel Puig would have a huge role in yesterday’s win, in more ways than one. For now, i’ll just focus on this one…

On a personal note, in all the year’s i’ve attended Dodgers/Padres games at Petco this would be my 5th extra inning game. My record in extras down south ? 4-1. 3 of those games I we’re with family or friends. Prior to yesterday, I went solo on one of those occasions, April 29th, 2007. How many innings ? Of course, 17 innings, tying a personal record. The starters that day? Derek Lowe and David Wells. Final Score, Dodgers 5 Padres 4. The winning pitcher that afternoon ? Chad Billingsley. That afternoon, I Came Down With Baseball Fever



Back to the Future, 5/22/2016…

20160522_130215.jpg Turning Petco Blue…

20160522_142536.jpgMy view from the 3rd Base Field Level seats…

20160522_131018.jpgKickin’ it with an old pal of ours… I’d say it was more than time well spent…

9th Inning… Paying Respect to a Legend


With Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn



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