28 Since ’88…Election Fun Facts

GIBSONYup. It’s been 28 now since ’88. With the California Primary taking place today…

Some Fun Facts Since ’88

Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981.jpg

Reagan was at the end of his 2nd and final term…

The White House has had 4 different presidents…

3 of the 4 presidents served both terms…

We survived 2 Bush’s…


We nominated our first African-American president…


Went through a Clinton…

And when we finally win that big one once again…


A 2nd Clinton in office ?


How ’bout that ? 2 Bush’s and perhaps 2 Clinton’s since ’88. 

We can only hope we win it before we find out the final answer come November…

If you have not voted yet, you still got a couple hours to make your voice heard





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