10 Years a Good Dre…Jeff Kent…Flashback Friday

picsart_06-18-07.05.15.jpgJeff Kent, Camera Day, June 2006

In his 17 year career, 10 of those years we’re spent in both the Halloween colors and the Dodger Blue, the latter 4 years in Blue. Kent is no stranger when it comes to the post-season drive.  During 9 of those combined 10 seasons with both The Good (Dodgers) and The Bad (Giants), from 1997-2002 with the Giants and from 2005-08 in The Blue Kent would play for playoff contending teams, appearing in post-season play 5 times, 3 with the Giants and 2 with The Blue. 

During his stay in both the Orange and Black and Dodger Blue, it was known that Kent wasn’t always the most rah rah figure in the clubhouse, as both Barry Bonds and Matt Kemp could attest. One thing about Jeff though, he may have had a no nonsense attitude, but you always knew you we’re getting the maximum effort. Jeff Kent would play a big role in one memorable moment late in 2006…

With the Giants losing again last night, since the All-Star break the hated ones have gone 2-10. In that span, the Dodgers have gained 4.5 games in the standings. With the August 1st non-waiver trading deadline looming, the trade rumors continue to swirl as Kansas City Royals closer Wade Davis has now entered the mix. 

Wade Davis

 (Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

Flashback Friday…2006

The 2006 season would be my first season blogging. The 2006 season was one grueling grind. With a modest 42-46 record, The Blue would start off the 2nd half in St. Louis in ominous fashion, losing in 14 the the Red Birds on a Albert Pujols walk-off off Odallis Perez, as chronicled by my then in-game chat blog. Hey, this was 2006, long before Facebook group chats and Twitter and all it’s hashtags. This would be the start of a 1-14 stretch that found The Blue 7 game behind the Padres. Dodger manager Grady Little would later call it an extended all-star break. During that stretch which the offense was dormant to say the least I remember our favorite storyteller Vin after the end of an inning ” No runs, No hits and haven’t we said that a lot lately…”. Ouch

The Dodgers would turn it around, winning 15 of 16 en route to going 41-19 the rest of the season. There would be some magical moments during that stretch. Who could forget the 4 home run game?

The Blue would finish tied for first with the Padres with an 88-74 record. The rules of the day would give the Friars the official NL West Crown. The Blue would go on to lose to the Mets in the NLDS.


The race is only beginning folks…




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