It’s That Time of Year…Magic Number Time…24

In their quest for their 4th straight NL West Division title, the Magic Number Countdown is back. With The Blue up 3 games on the Giants, the Magic Number to clinch their 4th straight division crown is 24. As we get closer to October, though many of you are familiar with how the Magic Number works, for those who arent, you subtract 1 for each Dodgers win and/or Giants loss. So it is possible that 2 numbers can be knocked off in the same day, especially on days we meet the hated ones, which we will be doing 6 more times. As the numbers decrease, I will be posting a new number paying tribute to a random Dodger who wore that “Magic Number”. So, let’s start with today’s number 24. 

24 Walter Alston


Walter Alston would manage The Blue in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles for 23 seasons from 1954-1976, guiding the Dodgers to 7 World Series appearances, including their first and only title in Brooklyn (1955) and a 4 game sweep of the the Yankees in 1963. Known as “The Quite Man” ( Not a stretch to say he was the opposite of Lasorda…) Alston would be elected to the Hall of Fame in 1983

Back To Route 66…

This 3-run blast by Yasiel Puig would give the Blue a 3-2 lead over the Friars. Though the Friars would take the lead, the Blue would rally once more, capped off by this 2-run shot by former Friar Yasmani Grandal, who seems to enjoy  torturing his former mates...

A Dream Come True…Jose De Leon

Of course, the story of the day had to be rookie Jose De Leon strike out 9 in 6 innings his big league debut. In true Dodger fashion, it was the kid’s dream to not only make it to the bigs but to have none other than Vin call his game, a dream many of us would still like to have. 

Extra Innings…Flashback…Sunday at the Park With Kid N Drei


Yes Kid…WE LOVE L.A !!! Only 10 more home games Kid. We gotta come up with one more tale, even if it’s one that you can laugh at Drei about…Check out Kid Marley’s tribute to Vinny…






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