Counting Down That Magic Number…22

22 Brett Butler

Dodgers_Brett Butler Brett Butler would don the Dodger Blue for just over six seasons from 1991-94, and after a brief stint with the Mets to start off 1995, would return to The Blue later that season and finish his career in Dodger Blue in 1997. Throughout his career which would span 5 teams Butler would amass a career .290 batting average along with 558 stolen bases. Many a Dodger fan would remember Brett for his speed as well as his ability to get on base while bunting. 

Currently Brett is the 3rd base/outfield coach for the Miami Marlins, whom the Blue will see this weekend, just in time for our present day 22 to return to action

Dodgers_Kershaw (Kid K. Photo: Allen J. Schaben/L.A. Times)

Welcome Back Zack…

We never said we’d be gracious hosts, did we ?

This has been one crazy 2nd half. After whacking around former Dodger Zack Greinke with 5 home runs en route to a 10-2 win, the Dodgers now find themselves 4 games in front of the hated ones. Since the all-star break the Dodgers have erased a 6.5 game lead by the Giants, gaining 10 games in that stretch. Regardless if the Giants have gone through and continue their 2nd half swoon,as pointed out by a certain sports network, The Blue, for all it’s injuries, are still on pace to win 90 plus games for the 4th straight season. As for the Giants, they are on pace to be the first team to have the best record before the All-Star break and the worst after it.

picsart_07-12-09.01.55.jpg Feels great to lead the way, doesn’t it Kid ?

Chasing Dreams at The Skirball Cultural Center

As The Boys In Blue continue to chase their dreams toward October, the Skirball Cultural Center features Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American, the first large-scale exhibition featuring the story of Jews and baseball as well as the sports impact on other immigrants and minority communities, including Italians, Asians, Latinos and African Americans. Planning on bringing the kids? Check out the Family Art Studio where the whole family can create one-of-a kind art projects themed around Skirball exhibits, as well as its current baseball exhibits.

Bringing the kids along? One thing the whole family will enjoy is making personalized baseballs using ping-pong balls to be placed along the wall of Skirball All Stars, lined of course with baseball cards of various MLB players from the 80s and 90s.


You will also want to take your kids through Noah’s Ark. Inside this wooden ark, kid of all ages are invited  to experience a hands on experience filled with endless imagination. 

Monkeying around inside the Ark…Just another SUN-DAY, FUN-DREI !!!  We’re just never to old to monkey around are we…

The Skirball Cultural Center is located on 2701 N. Sepulved Blvd. The museum hours are Tuesday-Friday 12:00-5:00 P.M., Saturday-Sunday, 10:00 a.m.-5:00p.m. General Admission is $12, $9 for Seniors 65 and over as well as for F/T Students with ID, and Children over 12, $7 for Children 2-12. Admission is free on Thursdays.

Extra Innings…Ross Porter on the 2016 Dodgers and Dave Roberts


Former Dodger Ross Porter recently spoke to an audience at the Skirball Center as he presented Baseball Stories. A Q&A also took place and I asked Ross his thoughts on this years Dodgers as well as Dave Roberts. Please excuse the audio quality.  Here’s a snippet…

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