Looking Back From What Was Once Ground Zero…Never Forget

“Shawn Green would don the Dodger Blue from 2000 to 2004. In 2001 Shawn Green would set a franchise record by slugging 49 home runs in a single season. In 2002 he would set a Major League record by …”

That would be the beginning of my post 2 years ago today as our magic number was 15. Right now, the magic number is at 18 as our Boys in Blue head to New York for 3 games to face the Yankees. With the Dodgers heading to New York, many Dodgers fans who have made the trip have posted over the weekend on endless social sites from One WTC and other sites in NYC that we’re affected from the tragic events of 9/11. Below is a link of pictures of various military tributes from various Dodgers games as well as a Dodgers/Padres game at Petco Park.

Source: Magic Number Fun Facts… 15, Never Forget…

Looking Back From Ground Zero, 2006

1fbb.jpg The site of Ground Zero, May 2006

b2f8.jpgNearly 5 years after 9/11…

9bc9.jpg A timeline of events that lead to the tragedy…

80ad.jpg Visitors from all over the world paying their respects…

7f51.jpg A random note from a NYPD police officer…

b137.jpg Thank You…Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you…



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