Counting Down That Magic Number…5

Bottom 1st…A High 5 Toward 5…

A 5 run first highlighted by this 3 run blast from Puig would get the ball rolling toward the Magic 5…

Of course that wouldn’t be the only highlight of the night from Puig. Has Puig finally rediscovered his form of 2013?

dodgers_corey-seager_robert-gauthier-la-times(Corey Seager. Photo Robert Gauthier/LA Times)

While Corey has blown a bubble or two, not many pitchers have been able to blow much by  our no doubt N.L. Rookie of The Year

Other Magic Moments From the Number 5…

dodgers_juan-uribe_harry-how-getty-images (Juan Uribe, Harry How/Getty Images)

Who could forget this 8th inning blast from Game 4 of the 2013 NLDS from Juan Uribe…

image (Mike Marshall, L.A. Times)

Remember Mike Marshall? The outfielder who donned the Blue from 1981-88. Most fans dont remember that he led the team in RBI’s in 1988, not, well, you know… While many Dodger fans remember one home run from the ’88 World Series, Mike Marshall would also come through huge in Game 2…

9th Inning…Drei’s Tale…Presented by Vin…From The Left Field Pavillion With Kid n Drei…

Kid: Hey Drei, what’s up with Corey Seager’s walk up song? 

Drei: What’s wrong with his walk up song Kid? So Corey goes country? Hey, if it brings him NLROY and maybe MVP honors he can play what he wants… Just because he ain’t playing what you want, you know…Miley Cyrus…


Drei: That’s right Kid…

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