Counting Down That Magic Number to 4…Dear Vin…

dodgers_duke-snider_getty-images (Duke Snider/Getty Images)

The Duke of Flatbush, Duke Snider would wear the Dodger Blue in both Brooklyn and L.A from 1947-1962. A two time World Series Champion, the Duke would hit 407 career home runs while compiling a career .295 batting average

Dodgers_Home Jersey Logo

Dear Vin…Part One…Drei’s Tale, Kid’s Beats

As the days wind down, it seems unreal that you will be leaving us. But a part of me says you will never leave us. In your 67 years behind the mic, you have entertained this Dodger fan for 37 of those 67 years, delivering stories filled with drama, heartbreak, and euphoria…


9th Inning…Kid Dario’s Tribute to Vin…



Extra Innings… Looking Back…2006…Back to Back…To Back…To Back

As told by…of course…


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