4 In A Row…Dear Vin


Of the 4 NL West crowns going back to 2013, this years just might be the most enjoyable. Most experts predicted the Giants with their lavish off-season moves and some even picked the D-Backs especially with the acquisition of Zack Greinke. 

For awhile it seemed the pundits may have had it right when the Giants climbed out to an 8.5 game lead. With Kershaw missing most of the 2nd half and a record 30 different starting pitchers on the DL among the seemingly endless amount of injuries this team has endured, to would have been easy to write off The Blue for 2016. 

Then late August The Blue took over 1st place and never looked back, capped off by this walk-off home run by recent callup Charlie Culberson, as he would hit his first home run in two years. This, on our very own Vin Scully’s final broadcast at Dodger Stadium that, appropriately enough, in a town of many scripts… A Hollywood ending…

 Recalling Being There For Vin’s Top 20s

Recently the fans had a chance to vote for Vin’s Top 20 Dodger calls. Chances are some of your personal favorites probably didn’t make the list. Chances are you we’re there for some of those. Of the 20 that we’re voted on by the fans I was there for 4 of them, 3 of which I’ll share now…

20. Mark McGwire clears the Left Field Pavillion roof, 5/22/1999

I would also be there when Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins cleared it last season as well…

18.Yasiel Puig’s Grand Slam, 6/6/2013

In his first week in the bigs, Yasiel brought a spark that has slowly started to come back. We can only hope Yasiel can carry it through October…

13. R.J. Reynolds…The Squeeze!

The Dodgers and Braves we’re in a heated battle for the NL West. On this Sunday afternoon, trailing 6-3 heading to the home 9th, the Braves we’re 3 outs away from closing in on the Dodgers. A Braves win, and they would be a mere one game out. The Blue would rally for 3 to tie, and then this…

The Dodgers would go on to win the NL West by 3 games. 

Dear Vin…

There’s so much I could go on about. As you finish up in enemy territory this weekend, in many way’s it is only fitting you finish your storied tale in the City By the Bay…On this Throwback Thursday, here’s to that time in April, 2001 when you, never one to let anything pass you by…Well, you we’re only so kind to ham it up for this fan…

20160924_124651.jpg Pac Bell Park, 4/17/2001. Why hello there Vin !!!

4 years prior, long after a late September game, as I was walking down the stairs in the parking lot, as I was approaching the Stadium Club lot I heard this voice exiting from the Club and thought ” Why does this voice sound so familiar “. Of course…It Had To Be You. The ever so humble human you are, you took the time to give me 2 minutes of your life, even acknowledging me as a “fellow southpaw” after I shook you hand with my left hand. ( FYI, I’m actually ambidexterous…LOL). I had my Brooklyn Dodger hat that you we’re so kind to sign for me in my right hand I had now choice but to shake with my left. After saying our goodbye’s and saying, ” I’ll see you in October”, well… I’ll just say, thanks for making me feel like I’ve known forever…Like I would have stopped everything at that moment if you had any other stories to share…Even if I only spoke to you for 2 minutes. Only Vin could make those 2 minutes seem like a lifetime…

9th Inning…Jose Fernandez 1992-2016

img_20160926_002406.jpg (Jose Fernandez, May 2013. Photo by Allison Williams, ESPN)










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