Dear Vin…From Jubilation to Heartbreak, My Love-Hate Relationship With The City By The Bay

Dear Vin. In many ways, it is only appropriate that you finish your storied and distinguished career as two long time rivals battle it out. Two rivals who have a long history of Jubilation and Heartbreak. 

It was at Candlestick Park, the final game of the 1982 season, October 3rd, where I got my first taste of the Dodgers-Giants rivalry. The Dodgers needed to win and hope for a Braves defeat in San Diego to force a one-game playoff at Dodger Stadium for the NL West. The Dodgers got the help in San Diego. Unfortunately, in the home 7th with the score tied at 2 and the crowd yelling BEAT L.A, to the angst of this 8 year old,  Joe Morgan had other ideas

Morgan_Clark (Joe Morgan being greeted at home plate by Jack Clark…UGH !!!)

It was Morgan’s 3 run blast over the right field fence that would knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs, leaving The Blue one game behind for the NL West. It would be my first true taste of the Dodgers-Giants rivalry. Joe Morgan may be best remembered for his time with the Big Red Machine of the 70s. This Dodger fan will always remember Morgan for one at-bat in the dreaded Halloween Colors…


What a lot of today’s younger fans may not know is that you once called gridiron action for CBS. On occasion you would pair up with John Madden. Heck, you nearly became John Madden’s permanent broadcast partner


As we all know, Pat Summerall, another legendary voice would end up with the gig. But it wasn’t like you left the gridiron mic on a quite note…9 months prior, much to the joy of this Dodgers/49ers fan ( Yes Dodger fans, there are plenty of them…Just like there are plenty of Dodgers/Cowboys fans too) you called another epic moment between two longtime rivals, a moment simply known as…The Catch

It would be the end of an era…The end of one dynasty…The beginning of another one… What a way to go out…Ironically, this Sunday, down the road in Santa Clara, yup, both the Niners and Cowboys meet…Perhaps you can do both at one time?…You know Vin, I could only imagine you calling Niner games during the Montana to Rice years…Just imagine…

So there’s my story of my love/hate relationship with The City By The Bay…As The Blue heads north, with the hated ones battling for that last Wild Card spot, perhaps The Blue, even with the NL West all locked up, can provide more heartbreak in the City By the Bay…The way Joe Morgan tormented us in ’82…Imagine that…All for us and our rivals up north to enjoy. As fierce as the rivalry is, even our longtime rivals enjoy A Touch of Class…



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