Throwback Thursday… 10/8/2009…9th Inning, Game 2, 2009 NLDS…As Told By Vin

October baseball. When the fall air is filled with joy and heartbreak. 

Recently Dodger fans voted on their Top 20 Vin Scully moments. Without a doubt, many of your favorite ones, many that are not so obvious ( See Gibson’s home run…). 

Many of you out there have a favorite Vin moment that you we’re at. With the NLDS about to get underway, here’s my personal favorite post-season call, as told by Vin. The Cardinals one out away from tying the Best of 5 NLDS at one game apiece. Somewhere in the top deck, I’m just hoping James Loney keeps the inning alive. Take it away Vin…


dodgers_jim-hill Celebrating with KCBS’s Jim Hill

9th Inning…Vin For President


Election time is almost here. Not happy with either candidate? Remember, you can always write in a candidate…Even the one above !!!






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