That Bittersweet Feeling…

It’s the ending that’s become all too familiar with us. 4 straight division titles…Yet so close to the Grand Prize… Only the St. Louis Cardinals have more regular season wins during that span than the Dodgers. But…(Of course whenever the word “But” is used, more often than not is it used in a not so positive context) during that 4 year span in which they have averaged 92 wins each season the closest the Blue has come toward the trip to The Fall Classic is 2 games…Twice.

Winning 4 straight division titles is no small feat, especially in baseball. 

But…In a town where style overshadows substance…In a town starved for baseball’s grand prize that has now eluded us 28 years and counting…Close isn’t good enough. 

Is it fair? It depends who you ask I guess. 4 straight division titles. Have we become the Buffalo Bills of baseball? Not quite. At least the Bills made it to 4 straight Super Bowls. Have we become the new Atlanta Braves of the 90s and early 2000s? Not quite yet. The Braves won 14 consecutive division titles with one World Title. Has our fanbase reached a point that soon attendance at October baseball games not played against some AL Champion will resemble that of past Braves or even Yankees? Only time will tell. Was this season a disappointment? Again, it depends on who you ask. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say most Dodger fans would say no.

As previously stated, winning 4 straight division titles is no small feat. At the end of the day though, a team’s feats are measure by whose flashing the bling. A lot of progress was made this past season by first year manager Dave Roberts. With all the injuries throughout the lineup and in particular to our starting rotation the fact Roberts was able to guide The Blue as far as he did was more than enough to earn him Sporting News 2016 NL Manager of the Year

David Crane — Staff Photographer
Dodger’s manager Dave Roberts, left, was named Sporting News’ 2016 National League Manager of the Year on Monday. Dave Roberts-Photo by David Crane

The accolades don’t stop there either…

dodgers_corey-seager_robert-gauthier-la-times Corey Seager: Photo by Robert Gauthier, L.A. Times

As expected, Corey Seager was named 2016 Sporting News NL Rookie of the Year

Questions will arise once again during the off-season. It’s been 28 years now since Chavez Ravine has hosted a Fall Classic. Our country has gone through 2 Bush’s and by the time our Boys in Blue win their next Fall Classic it just may be through a second Clinton. 

Of the 4 division winners from 2013,talent wise, I’d say the 2014 had the most. As for heart, I without a doubt can honestly say I felt this years team displayed the most, especially during the stretch without our Ace, Kid K. Most thought our Boys in Blue would fold. As A-Gon said during the LCS, it was Us Against The World. The Cubs we’re just the better team. They weren’t the best team in the regular season by accident. 

As a baseball fan, I wish the Cubs well in the World Series. I also wish Cleveland well. One of those two teams will break a long drought. 


Well, this all but concludes my 10 year anniversary bringing the tales. The same amount of time for the longest tenured Dodger, yup, you all know it…Dre couldn’t do much this season. As we and even he knows, father time is starting to creep up on him. As much as we’d all for Dre to get that bling wearing the Dodger Blue we all know that he could be elsewhere come spring training, a phrase we’ve all heard countless times during the last several years. 

9th Inning…Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Here’s a little flashback from 1988…

And you just wanted to relax on some fictional resort along the Florida Keys…With some tropical “Cocktail”…To the rhythm of a steel drum band…



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