Ballpark Budget Travel…The Megabus Experience…L.A. to The Bay…4/25/2017

Planning ahead for a trip can be a chore. Saving up for one can be even more. Fortunately for me, here in L.A. I have Megabus as an option. With it’s fares as low as $1, you can’t be that. Of course, there’s a caveat. More on that later…

 Union Station, Monday night, 4/24. Patiently waiting…

With the red-eye cheduled to leave at 10 past 11, our bus, originating from Anaheim is running late. Though Megabus’s on time performance can be spotty at times, I’ve never had any serious issues. 

With our bus arriving just past midnight, we are greeted by a somewhat surly driver. After another pickup at Burbank, the ride goes smoothly. 

 Pit stop, Lost Hills. Always nice to step out for some fresh air…

 Gotta take my Magic Gnome to hostile territory…

After a pit-stop, it’s smooth sailing to The Bay making a brief stop at the West Oakland BART Station to drop off Oakland bound passengers. The West Oakland BART stop is a good location for those heading to an A’s game or elsewhere in the East Bay…

Tuesday morning, 4/25. SF Megabus Stop. In the distance, AT&T Park. See the floodlights…

Though we left L.A. about 90 minutes past scheduled departure, we would arrive to Baghdad by the Bay only 45 past our ETA, 15 minutes before 8. With a whole day ahead, arriving 45 minutes late, all things considered wasn’t so bad.  

 Tuesday Morning, McCovey Cove…

20170429_223953 That beanie comes in handy up north. 

As mentioned earlier, Drei had a whole day ahead of him, a whole day to Cruise The Streets of San Francisco

From Market & Powell, through The Haight…The Panhandle to Golden Gate Park, Drei sure got around The Streets of San Francisco…Drei even got to check out The Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Exhibit at the De Young Museum. 

Prior to that evening’s game, I had a chance to take in some sights and eats from The Garden at AT&T Park.

Thanks to some media connections, I was able to make the most out of the minimum. Even without connections, the Megabus still does help on the wallet, especially when you’re just doing this for the day and into the night. 

Our Boys in Blue would take down the hated ones, thanks of course to Kid K, who just seems to thrive on pitching in hostile territory…


 Time to head home…

The departure time back to L.A. would be a quarter past midnight. As I boarded my bus, the driver who checked off my reservation quipped that I was the $1 man. Apparently, the $1 fare is to that lucky passenger who snatches it first once Megabus releases their sale dates. After that, the fares gradually goes up, starting at $5 to as much as $41 pending ticket sales and date of purchase. Friday and Sunday seem to have the high priced fares as many college students rely on their service. 

In all, including the $1 processing fee each way, my trip to The Bay was a grand total of $4 ! Of course, the caveat to that is you have to know far ahead of time, at least 2 months, when you plan to travel. Also, you must constantly monitor the Megabus site when their fares are released. A good way to do that is to follow them on Twitter on turn on their notification alerts. 

The ride back to L.A was much smoother. A win by The Blue most certainly helped. Heck, we would even arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule. 

The Megabus experience, with proper preparation, can be an adventure. Honestly, the redeye, which for me, acts as mobile lodging, is geared more for the single and budget minded traveler. Many passengers have shared their tales on Megabus, but it is what it is. For $1 each way, you can’t beat budget travel.

Feeling adventurous enough to do Megabus throughout other parts of the country en route to your ballpark travels? Check out this Megabus Tutorial for more on how to do your ballpark journey on a budget. 

Stay tuned for Drei’s next Megabus adventure…Coming Soon…


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