Cruising The Bay, In One Day…L.A. to The Bay…Kid N Drei…Part 1

20170912_225509It’s been awhile…A minute or two…Since Kid N Drei brought you a tale or two. Last time Kid N Drei did a tale about cruising, 2 years ago, Kid N Drei did a cruise from From The Ravine…To K-Town…To The Miracle Mile, ya know, ‘Like Cruising Music… 

D Day is finally here ! Kid’s first road trip with Drei outside of SoCal after a trip or two to San Diego. Kid Marls D is really excited about this trip…



Tuesday evening, September 12, 2017, shortly after departing L.A. Union Station. Before Drei could get all comfy, Kid gets the window seat (Usually Drei’s seat…)You know, not many people’s idea of a fun-filled road trip consists of a red eye econo-trip on the Megabus and back, following their favorite baseball team take on their long time nemesis. Some comfort, ok, a lot of comfort can be compromised. But even to my surprise, Kid Marley Marlz is very excited about this trip…Even more surprising, he’s more excited than me…Kid Marley Marlz is as excited as a…Kid. 

Well, I guess when you’ve done it before, these red eye trips become old hat…


20170913_014056 Moments after leaving our rest stop in Lost Hills. Drei still awake, no thanks to Kid’s constant tossing and turning, bumping into Drei !!! ( Hey Drei, I’m not used to spending the night on the Megabus…) And look at Kid, sleeping like a baby “kid”…Next to Drei’s window seat…Not a care in the world…(Yes, Drei has listened to many a tale from Vin…)

20170913_053617 In the meantime, Blue Dog is doing his duty, making sure Kid is all rested for The Bay…

20170913_054752 Hey, it’s Sourdough Sam ! We must have made an unnoticed unscheduled stop in Santa Clara… Kid is still resting comfortably…

As we cruise past Oakland, on the way to The City, Drei finds himself in the mood for some Oak-Town beats from Tony Toni Tone…


Screenshot_20170920-193044When you see that iconic Coke sign coming off the Bay Bridge you know you’ve arrived in The City. Drei has always had this fascination with neon signs.

 From L.A. to The Bay, it was a smooth ride (Especially for Kid. Can you tell by now Drei had very little sleep?). As smooth as the ride was, though Kid’s constant tossing and turning did keep Drei up (THANKS KID !), regardless of whether some KID, all excited like a Kid, is keeping Drei up, Kid N Drei…Ready to Cruise The Bay…The San-Francisco Bay !!!

We’ve finally arrived. Kid N Drei…L.A. to The Bay…Ready to turn The City…BLUE !!!


20170913_06521210 minutes before 7AM…Kid N Drei…Behind us, we can hear Mad Bum (DON’T LOOK AT ME !!!)…Welcome To The Bay, Kid….It’s time to turn The City…BLUE !!!



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