Cruising The Bay, In One Day…Kid N Drei…Part 3…Higher Dimensions With The Painted Laidies

PicsArt_09-19-06.05.05Kid N Drei…Feeling those peaceful vibes on the 50th anniversay of The Summer of Love…1967…Haight and Ashbury…

After a hearty breakfast….Kid asks if the houses from Full House are nearby. The Painted Laidies, the row of houses that line Steiner St across from Alamo Square Park, is a nice 15 minute walk from Haight & Ashbury. Since Kid N Drei was still full from breakfast, we decided a stroll to The Laidies would make for a nice walk.

“Feeling “Hella” fresh Drei…”

We’ve been in The City for a little over 3 hours Kid and you’re talking like you’re from The Bay…

“Yessir, Drei.” Next, we’ll find Kid migrating up the coast from L.A. to The Bay…

“Hell nah Drei”.

Don’t you mean, Hella No?

As we’re strolling toward The Ladies, we pass a church along Masonic Street that has a sign displaying it’s support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Kid- “We’ll fight for your and your families right to stay, but you need to afford to pay…”

Drei- “That sums up The Bay for you Kid. The Bay and L.A.”

Even as The Bay continues to be extremely expensive, as many families continue to get priced out, much of The City still maintains their liberal points of views, at least many of these San Franciscans say they do…

Cruising right along, as we stroll along The Panhandle along Oak Street, Kid is really soaking in all the Victorian Style housing that line many a street in San Francisco. If only these houses had any space between each other…


We’ve finally arrived at Alamo Square Park. Across the park, The Painted Ladies. The Painted Ladies is one of San Francisco’s popular tourist sites as it’s been seen in many productions, most notably the opening credits of Full House.

20170913_095530Hey, it’s a Mini Dre sighting! Mini Dre has also made his way from L.A. to The Bay…

Screenshot_20170915-140556The Ladies seem to be attracted to Kid. Hey Kid, how ‘bout entertaining these ladies, you know, taking these ladies to some…Higher Dimensions?


Looks like Kid had a great time keeping The Ladies entertained. In the short time we’ve been in The City, Kid N Drei has gone from McCovey Cove to Upper and Lower Haight, through The Panhandle…Drei giving Kid a “Summer of Love” themed walking tour en route to a Full House. In this time, Kid N Drei has also shot the breeze on gentrification and dreamers. Kid N Drei, though “working” on a “low-budget” production, Kid N Drei Productions, saw Kid perform on the same grounds the Tanner Family famously roamed the grassy hill…

Screenshot_20170915-140546Kid giving The Ladies all his blessings…

It’s been quite a fun and productive morning for Kid N Drei. The morning started early from McCovey Cove to breakfast at Haight. From The Haight we strolled to Alamo Square. On the way, Kid N Drei expressed their views on gentrification and DACA. Along the way, Kid took it slow, soaking it all in…”Feeling hella good in The City Drei…”

Drei’s really glad you’re enjoying The City, Kid. Best part? Kid’s showing more excitement than Drei ! Well, it’s Kid’s first time seeing parts of the city other than old Candlestick Park….Welcome to The City, Kid…

Where in The City is Kid N Drei headed next. San Francisco sure has opened it’s Golden Gate, for Kid N Drei. Hey Kid, speaking of, The Golden Gate, how ‘bout a stroll across some bridge named after The Golden Gate?

“Sounds hella good Drei!”

Again Kid? Again with hella? You sure are enjoying abusing “hella”…

“Is that “hella” right, Drei?”

Extra Innings…It’s Playoff Time ! Time To Step It Up To More Higher Dimensions

It’s been quite a season for our Boys In Blue. Kid N Drei went to a total of 6 home games this season, going 5-1. As for The Blue, it was another memorable season, setting an all-time L.A. Dodger record with 104 wins. We’ve now reached October…October baseball is Playoff Baseball…It’s been 29 years since The Blue has brought us a World Championship…Time to take this…Up To More Higher Dimensions…Take it KID !!!

20170913_100922Hey Kid. “Whatever happened to predictability?”

From The Bay…LETS GO DODGERS !!!  Peace and Love, From Kid N Drei…




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