Cruising Wrigleyville With Drei

Leading Off

Captain Clutch, back at it again as he starts the scoring off for The Blue. After a 1st inning home run from Kyle Schwarber to give the Cubs an early 1-0 lead, Dre would answer back and The Blue would never look back in a decisive 6-1 win, putting them 1 game away from the World Series for the first time in 29 years ! Though Dre’s playing time has diminished the last couple of years due to injuries, every Dodger fan including Dre himself knows his time may be running out. Is this the year The Blue...Wins It All For Dre ?


Cruising Wrigleyville…

20171017_144546.jpg Taking in the action at Wrigley Field, June 2004

Wrigley Field is one of 16 current MLB parks I’ve had a chance to venture. It is the 2nd oldest yard only behind Fenway Park. The 3rd oldest? Of course…Our very beloved Chavez Ravine! Wrigley Field is one of those classic yards that’s got that neighborly old-school non-retro vibe. The neighborhood around Wrigley Field really does become festive on game days. Even a stroll through Wrigleyville on non-game days gives off that vibe where you can hear the great Ernie Banks yell…”LETS PLAY TWO” ! Here are some pics from my visit to Wrigley, June 2004…

20171017_224649.jpg The late great broadcaster, Harry Carey, and his famous pose encouraging the fans during the 7th inning stretch…

20171017_145135.jpg View from above 3rd base. Even in the highest reaches, your not far from the action. Now if we can just get that pole out of the way…


20171017_144751.jpg Just a friendly rivalry with the St. Louis Cardinals…

20171017_145450.jpg The famous Wrigley Field Bleachers and Ivy. Above the CF bleachers, Marlon Anderson’s in game stats for the Red Birds. 2 years after this pic, Marlon would make some kind of history for The Blue…(Kudos if you know…)

20171017_145212.jpg This mural at the El station across the street, depicting two HOFers from my childhood, Ryne Sandberg and Ozzie Smith. You can see the flash on Ozzie’s mouth as he slides in to 2nd. I hope this mural is still up at that El station. Oh, speaking of El, or the letter L…


The Blue “L” flag. A very familiar site to many generations of Cubs fans. Over the years, it’s a tradition to fly a white “W” flag for a victory or a blue “L” flag for a loss after each home game to let the neighbors and commuters on the El how the Cubs fared. Recently the Cubs have rally cry has been “Fly the W”! The Dodgers and the rest of us our hoping we see that BLUE “L” flag one last time….




This could be our year Dre !!!

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