Welcome Back Matt…As If You Ever Left…

20180216_104924-1.jpgKicking it with The Bison during Fabulous 50th, December ’08

Hey there Bison! Welcome back ! You’re looking better than ever there…(OK, let’s not get too carried away…) But we can’t deny he’s looking better than expected, right?

When we traded for you back in December we all thought you we’re going to be a key piece for The Blue, just not in the way we’ve seen through Spring Training. When we picked you up from the A-T-L, you know, that so-called baseball town you always wanted to play for, we all thought you’d be a key piece for a trade toward a team in the Junior Circuit so that all parties involved, you included, would be satisfied, we’d get another pitching arm and you, well, at this point in your career you’d be content to be a DH, right? I mean, it’s not as if we’re getting the 5 tool shoulda been 2011 MVP Matt Kemp…

dreispics046.jpgMatt Kemp, August ’11. Looking sharp in those throwback threads…

I often said that you we’re the most gifted of that group from’06 that included you, Dre, Loney and Russell Martin. When Russ and James left, I still had hope that you and Dre would be the last ones celebrating during some late October/early November evening….

FB_IMG_1520639441603.jpgOh yeah…Good Times with Dre and Bison, even Juan Pierre would join in…2009

Though you and Dre would make it to the post-season 5 times together, you 2 just couldn’t quite reach The Fall Classic. There we’re some bad breaks along the way too, the ineptness of The McCourt regime, a Jonathan Broxton pitch or two…A break here a break there and maybe you and Dre have not one but two World Series rings together…

Heading South Down I-5…

20150821_213112.jpg August ’15. You don’t look to happy there Matt… Perhaps you’re not thinking you shoulda gone hoops at Oklahoma…

20150821_180723.jpg Blue didn’t forget about you Bison…(Time for a new cap, Drei?)

20150906_171046.jpgKid N Drei would never forget about you…

20160522_130953.jpgHey there Matt…You got that smile back…(May ’16. This Sunday afternoon affair would last almost 6 hours, with Bison going 0 for 7 against his old mates…)

Kemp would spend close to two season from ’15 to July of ’16 down I-5. Though he would put up some good individual offensive stats, as a team, the Friars would struggle…

With the Friars deciding to move another direction, Matt would be traded to the Braves in late July ’16…

“Hello Atlanta….”

In a piece you penned in The Players Tribune, Hello Atlanta, you are quoted as saying you never really played in a baseball town. You we’re even quoted as saying the Hollywood lifestyle got you sidetracked. While you are hardly the first (And likely not the last) athlete to get caught up in the Hollywood scene, you words penned did not set in well with the SoCal natives on down toward San Diego

Ah, but as we all know, any player can be moved at any moment. Having said that, no one could have seen you back in Dodger Blue. Even with the trade with Atlanta, we all thought we’d have you wearing a jersey of an AL team by now. But as of now, you’re here to stay. 

You may have said some words that may not have pleased some here in the Southland , even offering an explanation for your words ,stating this was a Lakers town when you arrived in ’06 and it was all about Shaq and Kobe. (In truth, you are half right. But Shaq was already gone in ’06…). But you know, we all say things that at some point we regret. 

As of now, it looks like The Bison is here to stay. For now. From the looks of things, it just may be a good thing. Sure this is not The Bison of 2011. Sure he probably won’t be the everyday left fielder. Sure, there’s a good chance he may not be around after July 31st. 

But for now, Bison is here to stay.  Who know, he just may be the missing piece to bringing home the big prize that’s eluded us since ’88. I always said in my heart that he and Dre would some day be the last one’s dancing. 

Matt won’t be the focal point in this team. That’s ok. If Matt is here to stay, if he can give us even some of the numbers of ’11, with an occasional clutch hit while patrolling left field for, what, Pederson? 

After 3 seasons without no Bison roaming the outfield in Chavez Ravine, does it feel like he ever left?

Welcome Home, Matt…

kemp (Kickin’ it with The Bison, Santa Monica, February ’11. This now makes this the what, un-teenth time i’ve used this pic?)


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