Theme Park Ride Review: HangTime at Knott’s Berry Farm


Cowabunga dudes! Welcome to the first third day of July, the day before we say Happy Born Day ‘Merica! Summer is all about fun and well Drei here had a chance to take on California’s first and only dive coaster, HangTime. 

This surf themed roller coaster certainly does have a SoCal coastal theme, painted in silver and light blue and accented with LED lights that can shine in different colors to mark holidays or special events throughout the year. 

At it’s peak, HangTime towers 150 feet over the Boardwalk area, showcasing gravity-defying inversions, mid-air suspensions and a beyond vertical drop- the steepest in California. HangTime ascends 15 stories up a vertical lift hill and come to a halt leaving riders suspended at the crest for several seconds before descending down a 96-degree drop, through 2,189 feet of steel track and five thrilling inversions. 

I made it a point to go on HangTime twice, during the day and later in the evening when the track is lighted in it’s glorious ocean blue. My first venture my buddy Josh and I we’re placed in the last row. The last row of any roller coaster is actually not a bad row as you can descend toward it’s peak you feel the sudden pull before suddenly dropping. 

As you rise toward the top you are lying flat on your back with your legs above you. 

Resized952018063095140029.jpg I’m the one on the furthest right with Josh next to me. 

Resized952018063095135903.jpgResized952018063095135914.jpg Here we are, suspended at it’s height for 10 seconds. Even form the back you get a nice view of The OC…

Once you get past that 96-degree drop, the ride is about the turns. For all it’s thrills, though under two minutes HangTime provides riders more than it’s share of thrills without it being too aggressive as even the movement through it’s five inversions at 54 MPH is fluid sans the jarring movements you would experience at GhostRider

After taking on the GhostRider, I had planned to take on Xcelerator The Ride before one last visit surf on HangTime but after taking on HangTime and GhostRider along with four less than aggressive rides in between my body was starting to remind me I’m approaching 44 not 24. 

So before taking on that last challenge on HangTime, I decide to kick it on the Timber Mountain Log Ride with my friends Josh and Leticia. 

OK. Round 2 for Drei on HangTime. This time, Josh decides he’s had enough thrill rides for the day. Logic would be for Drei to call it a day for the thrills as well. But then again, Drei doesn’t always play by logic. 

Round 2. Drei decides he’ll find a way to ride the front. After a wait of about 90 minutes as Drei gets toward the platform a single seat is available at the front. HangTime in the Dark…Does not disappoint. 

If you get a chance, you will want at least one turn at the front of the car. From the front, as you make your way up toward the peak, aside from the track nothing else is in front of you except the day/night sky. Once you get to the top of the Negative-G Stall Loop, the first of five inversions, you get 10 seconds worth a front row view of the day/night surroundings. Look to your right. If you dont see a lit halo, well…OK, i’ll put aside my Dodger Blue bias…For the 10 seconds you’re up there, the view is breathtaking. You’ll also want to take one look down. One look and you may wonder what have you got yourself into. Did I mention the highlight is that 96 degree drop. It’s really a sight to behold at night with the track all lit in that Pacific Ocean Blue. 


20180630_231813.jpg10 seconds to hang, dude, or should I say…HANG 10 DUDE !!!

20180630_231957.jpgHang 10 before you WipeOut…Dude !!!

20180630_232005.jpg WIPEOUT !!!

After experiencing HangTime twice, i’m glad to say I was able to…Hang 10 Dude! But that second time I think I was close to, wiping out. Like I said, Drei doesn’t always do things by logic. Of the day and night experience, it’s really a hard call which is the better…

With the summer peak season in front of us, the park hours are from 10 to 10 Sunday to Friday and 10 to 11 on Saturday. With summer being one of the busiest times of the season for theme park goers, though Knott’s may not have as many attractions as it’s neighbors down I-5 you will want to go as early as possible if you plan to experience as many attractions and shows the park offers, especially if you’re bringing kids. 

20180630_234144.jpg One last view…

20180630_160051.jpgA day of fun with Leticia and Josh…



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