Baseball and 9/11: Day Three, Charm City in One Day, Part One…The Rails and The Babe

Baltimore MD. Also known as Charm City. When I venture into another city, thanks to one of the greatest inventions, the camera phone with endless memory (You can tell i’m not the greatest expert…), one thing I enjoy is getting a feel for the city I’m visiting, taking various pictures of just  about  anything that reflects that particular city. The best part is I know I’m not running out of film. As for battery life, well…


One thing I noticed during my stay in Charm City was the housing throughout the neighborhoods, old school brick right next to each other. I’m going to assume when these units we’re built the choice of brick was atop the list due to the harsh winter climates.

Another thing I like to do is capture a mural as well. Here’s one from a playground across the street from the museum I will be visiting…20190912_131413



The mural above honoring the neighborhood’s Irish history is one of a few historical points of interest in the neighborhood20190912_131452

The museum I would end up visiting was the B&O Railroad Museum. (The Irish Railroad Workers Museum is open Friday’s and Saturday’s). One of my non-sports fascinations is trains, especially classic trains. Being that the yard I’ll be visiting for the second time in three days is known for having a restored building that once was a focal point of the old B&O rail, it’s only appropriate I pay a visit to the B&O Railroad Museum. 



Can you imagine commuter rail and Amtrak employees carrying one of those classics…


If you look at marker number 1 that’s where the B&O building that frames Camden Yards is located. You can see how many city blocks we’re cleared to make room for Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Click here to view more before and after pictures of the area around Camden Yards…


An old rustic caboose on a track leading into the roundhouse….



Playin’ on the tracks with Blue Dog. I never did pay attention as a kid when I was told to never play on the tracks…



Gotta support the locals…


Hey Blue Dog ! I thought I told you to stay off the tracks !!!


After spending a good couple plus hours taking in the sights of vintage trains and other vintage rail antiques dating back to the Civil War days, what next, watch 45 cruise through Charm City or pay The Babe a visit? Is that worth answering?


Whether you’re a fan of that Evil Empire from The Bronx or not any baseball fan passing through The Bambino’s hometown should make it a point to stop by The Babe’s birthplace, The Babe Ruth Birthplace and MuseumLocated about a 15 minute walk from Camden Yards, don’t expect to spend more than an hour at The Bambino’s childhood birthplace. But do take your time in soaking in the history inside Babe’s home and it’s glory…




For all his glory he only won one more World Series title with the Yankees after winning three in Boston. However, we all know the story of 1918…


Babe’s kimono as he and other MLB All-Stars would tour Japan during the off-season. Looking at the size of that kimono you’d think he’d be a sumo wrestler…



Right behind me, the Babe’s childhood neighborhood…Let’s take a look at some more local artwork before we walk on over to the yard…

20190912_163706Baltimore. Home of The Birds…

So the first part of Day Three In Charm City gives us a historic tour of the rails connection to Baltimore’s baseball history and a stroll through The Babe’s childhood neighborhood. Time to head back toward Camden Yards for my second game of the three game series…

Next up: Part Two…Back To The Yards





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