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Drei’s Tale…A Nine Inning Oak-Town Elephant Hunt

On my recent trip to Oakland, prior to the Mariners-A’s game on September 1st, I had a chance to cruise Oak-Town. One of the celebrations taking place as the A’s celebrate their 50th anniversary in Oakland is Stomper In The Town. Stomper is that lovable elephant mascot for the A’s and to celebrate, there are fifty six-foot tall statues of Stomper scattered throughout Oakland, each with a different theme designed by fans and artists. I had a chance to track down nine of the fifty, including the two located at Oakland Coliseum. Here they are in the order tracked…

1st Inning…Bleacher Creature


Located in the Piedmont neighborhood, this would be the first statue i’d cross paths with prior to a hearty breakfast at Fentons Creamery

20180901_095240Crab Omelette at Fentons

Fentons, an Oakland landmark is well-known for it’s ice cream and fountain sodas with a breakfast menu on weekends. The crab omelette and potatoes we’re hearty and tasty. But of course I wasn’t stopping there…


That’s the Banana Junior ! The Banana Special is a 3 pound version of what you see here and 6 times the size of the junior. Perhaps someday I’ll take on the Banana Split Challenge. The challenge? Down that Banana Special in 15 minutes and win a free shirt ! WOOHOO !!!


I could use the help from Stomper and The Mariner Moose…

20180901_103745 (1)

Stomper and The Moose bailed on me. I guess i’m finishing this split off…


Finish this Stomper !!!

20180901_104459 (1)

We did it boys !!!


I think I had my fill for the day…


2nd Inning…A Show of Hands


Moving on to the Grand Lake neighborhood just outside the Grand Lake Theatre is this colorful work of art, A Show of Hands…




Moving right along… 

3rd Inning…Golden Stomper


This one is located outside of the Ordway Building on 1 Kaiser Plaza


4th Inning…The Oakland A’s Rock


Stomper Rockin’ out some of his East Bay beats…(Now why would someone tag his hat?)


YEAH !!! 

5th Inning…MC Stomper


Getting closer towards Broadway and MC Stomper flashing that bling and his custom made Hammer pants…

2 Legit To Quit…

6th Inning…Oaklove Stomper


Located inside Oaklandish this Stomper statue gives a nod to Oak-Town’s landmarks


7th Inning…Night-Night Stomper

20180901_132551 (1)

Stomper in his ‘jammie outside of a Walgreens 

20180901_132648 (1)

That’s really cool of Stomper that he’s not phased by my Niners colors. Then again, he’s also delighted he won’t have that “other team” in his house much longer…

Off to the Coliseum…


Kickin’ it with The Greatest base-stealer of all-time (Sort of…)

8th Inning…Stomper’s Authentically Oakland Jersey



Located outside The Treehouse at The Coliseum is indeed this Authentically Oakland look…


Finishing off…

9th Inning…#AtTheColiseumStomper

20180901_202520 (1)

Located at Championship Plaza between the Coliseum and Oracle Arena this one is a collage of pics taken by A’s fans over the years…

20180901_202610 (1)

So those are the nine Stomper Statues I was able to chase down in Oak-Town…

Of the nine, which was my favorite? They’re all unique in their own way and each certainly has it’s own story. This is not easy, and these three really do deserve top billing…

Bleacher Creature really gives an animated fan perspective of a day at the yard…

A Show of Hands show Stomper’s musical and artistic side

Oaklove Stomper really shows  his hometown love with his Oak-Town landmarks…

But now i’m gonna cut it down to these two…

A Show of Hands vs. Oaklove Stomper. Again, picking a favorite was not easy. But of all the Stomper’s stompin’ through Oaktown, Drei’s favorite?


A Show of Hands. It came down to this pachyderm bringing out the kid side in me, particularly the keyboards, the keys i’ve tried to get back to lately.


Even the Mariner Moose is impressed. If only I had the discipline and determination as a kid to JUST KEEP PRACTICING…


I could be the one entertaining 56,000 fans in October and the man to my right, Dieter Ruehle can just focus on Kings fans at The Staples Center…(OK, Dieter isn’t such a bad choice for our present day Dodger Stadium organist either…). Speaking of music…

Extra Inning From The Bay…It’s Like Cruising Music

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Kid Marlz…Here he is, 2017, struttin’ his swag from across The Bay, Golden Gate Park, giving the 4-1-5 a Touch of Dodger Blue. Hey Kid? Dodgers and Oakland in October, like 1988? ‘Til the Next Episode…



That’s From Disneyland


Hey everyone. I’ve been busy this weekend doing some house cleaning. But not as busy as Richard Kraft of Sherman Oaks. This past weekend Kraft has been auctioning off much of his Disneyland nostalgic collection, ranging from posters to attraction props and even actual ride vehicles. Prior to this weekends auction Kraft set up a free pop-up gallery in Sherman Oaks, some who even dressed and acted the part of their favorite Disney characters. 

Kraft plans to use the money raised through the auction to make donations to two charities that benefit children with special needs.

Here’s my collection of pictures, no particular order, that I was able to snap during my visit on August 12th…


20180812_115935.jpg The man himself, Richard Kraft, greeting many an eager fan and capturing the moment before the gallery opens























Of course I had to bring DodgerMickey…Lead the chorus…LETS GO DODGERS !!!



20180812_123906.jpgShe seems very attracted to you DodgerMickey…


He’s greeted many a guest entering one of these People Movers. Hey, how ’bout bringing back some of these and using them from Union Station to The Ravine. We found the Blue and Yellow ones. Now to find the Orange and Teal


20180812_133454.jpg“It’s a World of Laughter a world of tears…It’s a Small World after all…”

20180812_134105.jpgDumbo playing with his favorite mouse, uh, second favorite mouse behind Timothy Q… Dumbo ain’t afraid of this mouse…

20180812_132719.jpgOf course…We can never separate these two…

I actually had several people come up to me as I was taking my pictures of my DodgerMickey statue. Of course they wanted to know if I bought it at the gift shop by the entrance. I’ve had the DodgerMickey since 2010 and of course being among Disney and Dodgers fans it was only natural that folks would want one of their own DodgerMickey as well…I guess it would only be natural that two of our favorite’s would make such magic together…Now if only that magic can continue on through October…



A Kid N Drei Mid-Summer Tale

With the Bucs coming to town and Drei finally crossing paths with Kid for the first time in 2018, we came up with this Kid N Drei tale, as told by Drei. Later on, Kid provides the beatz. We may not do this as often as we used, but when we do, not much has changed, you know, Kid with Da Beatz, Drei with Da Talez… As Kid once told Drei…”We Make Magic Together…”

First tale of ’18…






It took awhile, but finally, the first Kid N Drei Tale of 2018…

Back to The Yard…Drei’s Thoughts


It was a big Sunday at the yard for Matt Kemp as he would drive in 4 runs, including the go-ahead solo shot in the home 8th to put The Blue ahead to stay as they would stave off a three game sweep, taking down the Rockies 6-4. Prior to Sunday the Dodgers had lost three in a row and came in tied for second in the NL West with the San Francisco Giants. Kemp, whose been huge for The Blue to this point, was mired in his first big slump of 2018. His numbers compared to last year at this time are close to similar and with 14 home runs and 51 RBI’s to date, barring a major second half swoon, Kemp would be on pace for 28 home runs and 102 RBI’s. 

The recent slide brought Kemp’s average down to .302. Sunday’s performance lifted his average back to .310. His current slash line, .310 AVG/14HR/51RBI is about what you can expect from Kemp to this point as past years performances have shown. Many of us thought with his defense on the decline the Dodgers would have dealt him to a team in the Junior Circuit where he would have been more productive as a DH at this point in his career but even his defensive play, while not the Matt Kemp of 2011, has been above decent. 

Would it be too much for Kemp to carry The Blue as we head into baseball’s second half of the season? 

Baseball is a long season and every player is due for a slump at some point so I’m not really concerned that the best we’ll see of Kemp in 2018 is behind him. 

If there is any pressure on Matt Kemp to maintain his current numbers, it should be minimal at best. Other than a lighter Matt Kemp, this time around unlike 2015-17 he has a deeper lineup around him particularly in the outfield. My main concern is Kemp staying healthy down the stretch drive. 

Could Sunday’s game be the end of Kemp’s current slump? That remains to be seen. As for now, Kemp has done more than what anyone could have asked. Now it’s time to surround Kemp with some key pieces if The Blue is to make a run deep into October. 

At 43-38, the Dodgers are on pace to win 86 games. However, as we all know, baseball is full of streaks and slumps. One sustained streak and the Dodgers could find themselves over the 90 win plateau for the sixth straight season.

Extra Innings…Walk Us Off With Your Beatz, Kid !


Gratitude is Everything…Featuring Kid’s Bro, RENO SPARKZ






Cruising The Bay, In One Day…Kid N Drei…Part 6…Wrapping Up The Day…Back to The Cove

Leading Off… R.I.P. Dick Enberg

Legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg passed away yesterday at the age of 32. Enberg had a long and storied broadcast career that covered many southland teams including UCLA Basketball, L.A. Rams, California Angels and most recently the San Diego Padres. Enberg would have a long career covering many other major sporting events for NBC and CBS, including NFL coverage, Super Bowls, Wimbledons and World Series. Enberg was also a baseball coach at San Fernando State College, known today as the Cal State University of Northridge, or to locals, CSUN. OH MY was his popular catchphrase. You will be missed Dick…

Here is Dick Enberg interviewing Vin Scully during the Padres final road trip to Dodger Stadium in September, 2016…

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

“To me, Dick Enberg was the greatest all-around sportscaster who ever lived and will never be emulated. He was a very dear friend of mine. He had my respect, admiration and my friendship. He will be sorely missed.” -Vin Scully

Back to The Bay…One Last Time…With Kid N Drei


It’s been awhile, but we’re back. Much has happened since Drei has had a chance to wrap up Kid N Drei’s, Cruising The Bay. And to be THIS close to World Series glory…

Looking back on Kid N Drei’s day…In The Bay…The day started off early, as we arrived to The Bay before 7.


We’d stroll through Alamo Square, pay a visit to The Laidies


We’d stroll The Panhandle, as well as Golden Gate Park

Screenshot_20170914-152630.pngKid Marlz feeling all high up in Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park…


Kid is really digging this Summer of Love themed tour of The City, on The City’s 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love…But the highlight of the day was the stroll across The Golden Gate…After all, just like the song, San Francisco has opened it’s Golden Gate…


Before heading to the ballpark, as we leave Hippie Hill, Kid N Drei take one last stroll through The Panhandle…

It’s been quite a “hella” fun day, Drei…

You really are enjoying abusing “hella” here in The Bay, aren’t you Kid?

You “hella” know it Drei! What’s next, Kid abusing “hyphy”?

Is that “hella” right, Drei?

Ah…Nevermind Kid….

20171011_162058.jpg Congratulations Kid! That was quite a performance you put on there on that same hill where 50 years ago, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Greatful Dead and George Harrison performed for the OG hippies. Kid Marls D “officially” has his name etched along some prominent acts…

Time to cruise The Panhandle


The Panhandle. Where many a local take their daily stroll. Jimi and Janis once performed along The Panhandle. As we stroll along The Panhandle, where Jimi once played, we come across Nate Thurmond Court. Nate Thurmond was a Warrior great. At Nate Thurmond Court, Kid Marls holds court, in a “Purple and Gold” haze…

With both of Kobe’s NUMBERS, that’s right, numbers, 8 and 24, recently retired, Kid Marls D flaunts the classic 8, for it’s 8 that Kid feels should be the retired one. Big Nate, one of the greatest rebounders in the game…I’m sure Big Nate would be proud of number 8…



Hey ! A Magic Gnome sighting from April !!!

Well Kid, it’s almost time for Dodger Baseball. But before we head to The Cove, we take one last cruise, from The Haight to The Wharf for a pregame bite. Because Kid N Drei “operate” on such a low budget, with our devices low on battery life, we have nothing to show, from Fisherman’s Wharf. But hey, it’s not like any of you subscribe to the “No pictures, didn’t happen theory”, right?

After a pregame bite to The Wharf, Kid N Drei finally head back to McCovey Cove. As Drei said, toward the end of the day, our devices we’re running low. So, not many pics from AT&T Park.

It’s all good though. For it was a fun day in The Bay, with Kid N Drei. Kid really digs the rivals place. AT&T Park is a beautiful yard. It was Kid’s first time at AT&T Park, highlighted by this splash shot by soon to be Rookie of the Year, Cody Bellinger

We’ve sure had our moments of firsts here at the yard. It was at this yard, where back in April, Drei saw Cody’s first MLB game.

It was here tonight where Kid paid his first visit to McCovey Cove. Drei would see his first splash shot live, fittingly, by one in Dodger Blue…

The Blue would come out on top, 4-1, taking 2 of 3 from the rivals. Though The Blue had been struggling during the month of September, at one point losing 11 in a row, they would still be en route to over 100 wins.


Kid Marls D is making his way up in his Ballpark Cruise. That’s now 4 MLB Parks, for which Kid has cruised.

Of the current yards, Drei has cruised 16, a popular number in The Bay. Overall, Drei has cruised 23.

As for Kid’s 4 yards, they’ve all been here in Cali, all with Drei. Away from The Ravine, together Kid N Drei has cruised from The O.C., through The Gaslamp in on to McCovey Cove. Kid N Drei has followed The Blue in these four Cali yards, with Oak-Town coming soon. In the four yards Kid has visited with Drei, The Blue is 4-0, outscoring their opponents 23-3.

You know Kid, I know you’ve said that we make magic together. Along with magic, we also seem to bring good vibes on the road, to The Dodger Blue, you know, from Diego to The Bay…


It’s been a long day. A long, fun-filled day. Oh yeah, back to “firsts”, it was Kid N Drei’s first road trip together outside of SoCal. Looking back at all this, cruising The City, shooting 3 music videos, Kid’s excitement being in The City and Drei being all blasé and all that, (Drei’s made many a trip to The Bay, OK? LOL), you may be asking, how did Kid N Drei do this, all in one day? Like Kid has said to Drei…We Make Magic Together.

San Francisco has certainly opened it’s Golden Gate, for Kid N Drei. Kid Marls D has enjoyed his first true stay, in The City By The Bay. It’s history and it’s charm. Though he may have left his heart in San Francisco, home is where the heart is, for Kid Loves L.A.

It’s time to head home…Back on the overnight Megabus…Back to L.A.


Kid got plenty of rest throughout the trip, something lacking with Drei. It would be another long bus ride home.

It was another fun season of Kid N Drei’s tales. Hopefully at this time next year, The Blue finishes the journey to The Top…

20170913_135712.jpgHey Kid, how ’bout we turn The Bay, Blue? One more time !!!


Gotta give The Bay that Holiday Touch of Blue… HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE !!!

From The Bay…Peace and Love…From Kid N Drei



Cruising The Bay, In One Day…Kid N Drei…Part 5…Drei’s Talez of Kezar and The ‘Stick…Kid’s Beatz From Hippie Hill


When it comes to the beatz…When it comes to the talez…As Kid once told me…”We make magic together, Drei”

As I like to tell Kid, it’s Kid with The Beatz…Drei with The Talez. Though Drei tells many a tale of Kid N Drei, without Kid Marlz Beatz and other fun stuff, there is no magic behind Kid N Drei’s talez…

20170913_152405(0).jpgSourdough Sam in front of some old seats from Candlestick Park, many a familiar sight to Sammy…

Kezar Stadium. Home to the 49ers from 1946-70. Though the original structure was demolished in 1989, a sense of history can still be felt. After a nice stroll along The Golden Gate Bridge, Kid N Drei now find themselves inside the hallowed ground of old Kezar. Today, Kezar Stadium is the hosts to high school football games as the San Francisco Delta’s soccer. The 49ers have also been known to come back to Kezar once a year for pre-season camp. Mostly though, Kezar is used for recreational purposes, with locals roaming the track. Recently, Kezar installed seats from old Candlestick Park, giving fans, especially this one, a chance to soak in history from two of The City’s historic venues of past glory. Though Drei wasn’t around during Kezar’s heydeys, over the years, as a fan of the Dodgers and 49ers, Drei has had a love-hate relationship with Candlestick. It was at The ‘Stick where a dynasty was launched with one leap of a catch. It was also at Candlestick where Drei got his first taste of the Dodgers/Giants rivalry in 1982 thanks to one swing of Joe Morgan’s bat. Drei’s personal favorite Candlestick moment? Young to Owens, Catch 2.

20170913_152346.jpgOnly Drei can make these two get along…

20170919_000724.pngKid N Drei, enjoying a bit of tranquility inside Kezar’s surroundings…I’ll be honest. We weren’t exactly on our best behavior the entire time…But that’s for another day…Just think of parts of this day as “Boys Being Boys…”

After doing a lot of exploring through various Muni routes and a lot of walking, Kid N Drei decide to just “hella” chill for a bit inside Kezar’s historic surroundings…Soaking in the history…The atmosphere…The mystique. But most of all, Kid N Drei would just kick it, spending some quality time between the two brohams… The day really was going by so fast we hardly noticed time passing by. 

20170918_235446.pngKid N Drei, being all mischievous. As I said, we weren’t exactly on our best behavior the entire time, especially Kid…LOL 

Well, enough of Drei’s tale of Kezar and Candlestick. How ’bout we cruise on over to Hippie Hill, you know, for some of Kid’s beatz…You know, “Like Cruising Music…”

Sounds “Hella” good Drei !

Kid Marlz, putting on a show on the same hill where George Harrison, Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane entertained the anti-establishment during some Summer of Love, 50 years ago? “Is that “HELLA” right, Drei”

You really are “hella” feeling that Bay Area vibe, aren’t you Kid?

It that “hella” right, Drei ?

Hey Kid. Let’s take one last stroll through The Panhandle before we head to the ballpark.

Sounds “hella” good, Drei.

20170919_001334.pngFrom the Golden Gate… Love not hate…Through The Haight…Peace and Love…From Kid N Drei

Part 6, the last part, coming soon, with some holiday vibes. It took awhile to come back here, but Kid N Drei didn’t go anywhere… 


Moments After Moments…1988…What This World Series Means To Me

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 19:  The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate defeating the Chicago Cubs 11-1 in game five of the National League Championship Series at Wrigley Field on October 19, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. The Dodgers advance to the 2017 World Series.  (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)Stacy Revere/Getty Images

For the first time since 1988, we can all finally say it…


CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 19:  The Los Angeles Dodgers pose after defeating the Chicago Cubs 11-1 in game five of the National League Championship Series at Wrigley Field on October 19, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. The Dodgers advance to the 2017 World Series.  Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Leading Off…Game 1…Gibson Makes An Appearance

Oh yeah, Debbie Gibson with the national anthem. Thank you Debbie for not making the anthem a 5 minute affair. Something magical about Gibson and Game 1 of the 1988 World Series…

It’s been 29 years since we’ve seen our Boys In Blue in the big dance. They will be facing off against an old NL West foe, the Houston Astros…

1988…A Special Time for L.A. Sports Fans

Aside from the magical season from the Boys in Blue, 4 months prior, L.A. celebrated another championship…

Other happenings from 1988…

Image result for ronald reagan

1988 would mark the last year of the Reagan administration

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was the box office topper…

Bobby McFerrin’s words to us…” Dont Worry, Be Happy”

Drei’s Favorite 5 Moments Since ’88

In the 29 years that we’ve waited, there have been lots of moments after moments, both joyful and heartbreaking. My 5 favorites that I witnessed at The Ravine, since ’88…

5. Back to Back NL West Titles

The 2nd of 5 consecutive division titles would be clinched against the hated ones. Though a magical night, it would be the hated one’s with the last laugh in October…

4. ’08 NLDS Clincher Against the Cubs

The Chicago Cubs, baseball’s best regular season team in 2008 with 97 wins, entered the NLDS as heavy favorites over The Blue. The Blue would not only knock off the Cubbies, they would sweep them in 3 straight en route to their first NLCS appearance in 20 years

3. 100 Wins and Not a Wild Scene in The Bay

In the final season of the pre Wild Card era when only division champions went to the playoffs, the 103 win San Francisco Giants needed to win on the regular season’s final game to force a one-game playoff against the Braves for the NL West. The Blue, having had their party ruined in 1951, 1962, 1982 and 1991 by the hated ones, we’re more than glad to return the favor. For the Giants, in Barry Bonds first season in the dreaded Halloween colors, 103 Wins and Not a Wild Scene In The Bay

2. 2009 NLDS, Game 2, A Happy Holliday at Chavez Ravine

Down to their last out and having the series tied at one, James Loney would hit a fly ball to Matt Holliday in what appeared to be the final out of the game. 

Holliday’s error would prolong the inning, and 2 batters later, Ronnie Belliard would tie the game with an RBI single. After a walk to Russel Martin to load the bases, Mark Loretta would come off the bench and deliver…

Loretta’s game winner would send the Dodgers up 2-0 to St. Louis. The Dodgers would complete the sweep 2 nights later en route to an NLCS rematch with the Phillies.

1. Wherever It Lands…The Finley Slam, October 2, 2004

Down 3-0 heading to the home 9th, the Jints we’re 3 outs away from cutting the NL West deficit to a single game heading to the regular season finale. The Jints ( Yes I said it…) bp would implode, and after tying the game at 3, Steve Finley, acquired in late July in a 3 team trade that sent Paul Lo Duca to the Marlins, would step up to the plate…

Finley’s walk-off slam would give the Blue the 2004 NL West title. It would be their first division flag since 1995 and their first post-season appearance since ’96. The Blue would make 8 other post season appearances since, finally leading to the 2017 World Series !!!

What This World Series Means For Me ?

I’ve done this blog for 12 seasons. I’ve gone to countless games both at home and on the road, experienced many a thrill and many a heartbreak. For those of you who we’re around in ’88 you couldn’t have imagined the next time The Blue would be in the World Series you would be long past your undergrad years, have some salt on top assuming you aint got a dome, be into our 6th different administration, one that seems to do a good job of dividing this country…

In spite of our differences, after 29 years of waiting and many a new generation of Dodgers fans, our Boys in Blue are FINALLY back ! They’ve united a city like I haven’t seen united in quite some time. Yes, we’ve had the Lakers bring us 5 titles during the Shaq-Kobe era and the Kings have brought us a couple of Stanley Cups. But there’s just something about The Blue, a team with a deep rich history, that makes the wait all the more special. 

As for me, in 1988, I was a freshman in San Gabriel High School. I’m sure many of you have been recalling where you we’re in ’88 and the events that we’re happening in the world, in pop culture, or even in your personal life. The passage of time does that to us. Especially when we look back upon a time that brought us plenty of joy, often times making us yearn for nostalgia. 


Me and my little bro, Daniel. I was 14, he was 3 in ’88. One of my memories of Game One was watching with him and my dad in our living room, listening to our dad read 101 Dalmations during the game. “C’mon dad ! It’s the World Series !!!” 

For the lil’ bro, this World Series is one he and plenty of Dodgers fans born in the mid 80s and after can actually enjoy, rather than saying they won one in their lifetime…

81 88

For me, I’ve experienced two in my lifetime, ’81 as a 7 year old kid still learning baseball and being taught by my uncles to hate Reggie Jackson and the Yankees. The Yankees would be the first team I would be taught to hate. ’88 I experienced as an early teen, viewing our chances of winning the World Series, as good ol’ Vin would say, ” Viewing it with our hearts…” Because really, if not for being a naive teenage Dodger fan, if I saw it from a realistic and objective viewpoint, there really could have been no way we stood a chance against the A’s and their Bash Brothers duo of Jose Conseco and Mark McGuire. 

But it was just that, HEART. The ’88 Dodgers had plenty of it….


As I write this on the eve of Game 1, words just can’t really express what this means to me. Over the years I often said The Blue will get there before I turn 50. As I said earlier, I’ve enjoyed 2 World Series titles, one as a kid, one as a teen, now as an adult less than 7 years from mid-life and 29 white hairs later (OK, more than 29, but who’s counting?)

This is just a small sampling of memories form ’88 on that I’d like to share. Fellow Dodgers fans, young and forever young, enjoy this moment. It’s been 29 years. We’re 4 wins away from coming completely full circle. LETS GO DODGERS !!!

Cruising The Bay, In One Day…Kid N Drei…Part 4…Strolling Along The Golden Gate

GG BridgeThe Golden Gate Bridge…On this foggy San Francisco Wednesday, September 13, 2017

After a visit to The Painted Ladies, San Francisco continues to open it’s Golden Gate…For Kid N Drei…

Nancy Bea Hefley, during her days tickling the ivories of the Rowland organ at Dodger Stadium, would always serenade the crowd with that classic tune during the opening lineups when the hated one’s we’re in town…

KidND_GG 1

We’ve finally arrived Kid! Every time I’ve come to The City, I’ve never had a chance to walk across The Golden Gate. I walked the Oakland Bay Bridge back in 2013 after it’s enhancement that added a pedestrian and bike path…

BBridge 1Oakland Bay Bridge, December 2013

BBridge 2_Stomper Hey there Stomper !

BBridge3_DreiTaking my morning stroll along the newly added pedestrian path on the East Bay’s recent addition to The Bay Bridge, donning my Niner colors as I started from Oakland. Notice to my right parts of the old double decked bridge, slowly facing demolition…


The Golden Gate Bridge. 80 years young. This is the first time Drei has walked across The Golden Gate. Who better to join Drei than the broham, Kid…

One thing Kid N Drei share is their love of long walks and hikes. Unlike Drei, Kid has been a bit more adventurous, having hiked Yosemite’s Half Dome not long ago…Perhaps someday Drei will try that hike. 

Time to give The Golden Gate…A Touch of Dodger Blue

20170913_120515.jpgWe’ve made it across The Golden Gate. Neither mist or fog could keep Kid N Drei from strolling The Golden Gate…

Before Kid N Drei head back to the San Francisco side of The Golden Gate, we decide to take a hike up a hill toward Battery Spencer. Up here, on a clear day, the views of The Bay from Battery Spencer can be very gorgeous. However, on this “hella” foggy day, the views of The Bay are non-existent.

20170913_124522.jpg What up Sammy ! Sourdough Sam showing off his city’s number one landmark amidst the fog, for which locals affectionately refer to as Karl The Fog…

To get up to the top of Battery Spencer, we first follow a pedestrian path underneath the bridge that would lead us to a trail… 

20170913_130603.jpgFrom this pedestrian path underneath the bridge are these support beams, also painted in the bridge’s signature International Orange. 

20170913_124203.jpgNo fog could stop Drei from having a “Good Dre” in The Bay

20170913_124049.jpg Karl The Fog may have covered most of the bridge, but no amount of fog would stop Kid N Drei from giving The Golden Gate…A Touch of…DODGER BLUE !!!

20170913_124323.jpgMoments later, and Karl the Fog has covered our view of The Golden Gate Bridge…

We made it Kid! Kid N Drei, officially giving The Bay, a Touch of Dodger Blue. Blue, as Drei likes to call the fleece, has been well traveled since 2004. The fog may have taken away the view of The Bay, but that doesn’t deny the beauty behind Kid N Drei, as The Golden Gate provides the perfect silhouette to the fog with Kid N Drei…(Kid, I know I’ve hung with you for a minute,  but really you should be the one providing the beatz…)

Allright Kid, time for us to head on back. How ‘bout some of your acapella freestylez Kid?

Screenshot_20170917-213633.png Kid Marls…Ready to present his beatz…From L.A. to The Bay…On The Golden Gate…

Hey Kid, I know you own two cats, but even with all this fog and mist, Drei says it’s still a good day to take Blue Dog for a walk across The Golden Gate…

20170919_000657.pngKid N Drei…Taking “Blue Dog” for a walk on The Golden Gate…


We did it! Kid N Drei crossed The Golden Gate. With stops and the hike to Battery Spencer included, it would take Kid N Drei a total of 3 hours to stroll the bridge and back. It was quite a stroll, highlighted by Karl The Fog…

As memorable a walk Kid N Drei had across The Golden Gate, one thing Drei must advise…When walking across the bridge, keep in mind that other tourists will be strolling along both on foot and bike. Like Kid N Drei, you’ll probably be taking lots of pics, especially if you’re like Drei. Be careful though, some of these same folks on the bridge, especially the bicyclists, tend to have little patience of other tourists snapping their countless pics.

We got to come back Kid and explore more trails. Just slow down for Drei every now and then. Remember, “Viejo”, as you like to call Drei, can’t always keep up with you…

Now that we’ve cruised The Golden Gate, it’s time for Kid N Drei to continue on. Next stop, Golden Gate Park. From The Golden Gate…

20170913_135712.jpgPeace and Love…In The City By The Bay…From The Golden Gate…With a Touch of Blue…From Kid N Drei