Jackie Robinson day



As an avid UCLA fan, one can only imagine how happy I was over last  nights heart stopper at the Rose Bowl.  In fact, you could say that I was amongst the few here in L.A. rallying around the rally cry " Hook ’em Horns ".  All personal feelings aside, this Bruin here would like to take the time to congratulate our cross town rivals on a remarkable season and an even more remarkable run of 34 consecutive victories, as well as 2 Heisman winners in Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.  And the Nation of Troy was 18 seconds from an unprecedented 3-Peat in the college football world.  However, this night would belong to Texas QB Vince Young, who just about carried the ‘Horns on his shoulders towards glory.  As for some of the Trojans mishaps, yeah, you could say that they picked some inopportune times to crack, particularly Bush’s fumble in the 2nd quarter that could have put SC up by two TD’s, and the inability to convert on 4th and 2 late in the game, but hey, before anyone starts bashing on Reggie on an ill-advised play, or calling for Caroll’s head for not punting away and pinning Texas deep, just remember all the good, no, all the great Reggie did for you in his three years and as for Caroll’s call, though unsuccessful, it was the right call.  Make the first, and SC is the first in college football to 3-peat.  Punt it away, and Texas, with all 3 timeouts remaining and Vince Young virtually unstoppable, perhaps drives down and scores with little time left anyway.  SC’s offense played a big part in their success, their defense, thanks in part to Mr. Young and the no-huddle offense, looked tired, so to leave it up to the O to secure the win was the right call in my book.  SC, from this Bruin fan, congrats on a great season and a great run.  See you next year and may the Pac-10 come down to us on Dec. 2 at the Rose Bowl.  And for any UT fans who may be reading as well, congratulations as well on your 2nd consecutive Rose Bowl victory and first national title in 35 years.  And to all, a HAPPY NEW YEARS !!!!


The 2005 season was anything but memorable for the Boys in Blue.  After starting off on a torrid 12-2 pace in April, the Dodgers would nosedive to a collective 30 games below .500 the rest of the season, finishing with their worst record since 1992 at 71-91, leading to the untimely dismisall of Jim Tracy and GM Paul DePodesta.  While injuries and off-field chemistry had plenty to do with the downfall of ’05, The Blue has taken some steps during the winter to return the team to respectability in the NL West, which in this division, really shouldn’t require much.  One of the first moves made was in the front office by hiring Ned Coletti as our new GM.  Coletti wasted no time in his new position in LA by acquiring SS Rafael Furcal from Atlanta to fill the SS void left by Izturis’ injury, then signing one time Red Sox stars Nomar Garciaparra at 1B and Bill Mueller at 3B to fill the corners,  as well as speedster Kenny Lofton to anchor the outfield, and veteran pitcher Brett Thomko from the rival Giants.  While we still must find a way to retain ironman pitcher Jeff Weaver and other relief help as well, and the health and age of our free-agent acquisitions a potential question mark, Coletti and the Dodgers have shown so far that they are determined to return to it’s lofty perch atop the NL West.  HAPPY NEW YEARS and a GREAT ’06 to all….


I’m sure by now you’ve all seen your share of holiday movies.  Here are a list of 3 of my favorites

3. Jingle All the Way-  The sight of Arnold and Sinbad going at each other to get their kid that one robo toy, and your typical holiday crowds at the mall….

2. A Christmas Story- To me, this is slowly becoming a classic.  Little Ralphie and his Red Rider BB gun, which he would later " shoot his eye out !!! "…

1. Home Alone-  Little MacCauly,  left alone by his family who fled to Paris for the holidays,  fending off the two crooks, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.

So, what are some of your favorite holiday flix?

Andrei here,Southern California Correspondent for Stadium Journey Magazine and StadiumJourney.com, along with the broham, Marlon B, aka Kid Marley Marlz. We like to call ourselves, KID N DREI…2 crazed Dodger fans bringing Da Beatz and Da Talez or sometimes, both. Kid with Da Beats on SoundCloud at MDario GlutenFreeSonds, and Drei with Da Talez.

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